Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 43 - August 3 - Charleroi, Belgium

Month 11

Hey Fam,

This week has been pretty good!
The first Pday we had on Monday was pretty chill. There is like absolutely nothing to do here in Charleroi so we just kind of hung out in the apartment and watched the 2011 and 2012 general  conference's. On Tuesday we found a couple! First investigator of the white wash! Their names are Anatazi and Valeri. They are super solid. We taught them the restoration and they loved it. The  appointment lasted an hour and a half. and they told us to come over the following day to teach them again more stuff about it. 

Wednesday we taught Anatazi and Valeri again about  the Book of Mormon and watched a little bit of the restoration video and it went well. She said she wants to be baptised and she said she couldn't wait to go to church on Sunday. But she actually didn't end up coming... still pretty golden investigators though! After that we taught this super cool recent  convert named Tibault. We taught about trials and  why we are here on earth. 

On Thursday I went on an exchange with Elder Quist. it was a pretty good exchange. we taught a few  lessons and found a family that wanted us to give them and their kids English lessons. We told them  that we weren't permitted to do classes anymore but that we could come over, share our message and help them out a little bit with English. The mom was pretty pumped. 

Friday we passed by this super old members house  and he was there with his 19 year old grand  daughter. We shared with them a little bit of the restoration and told them how we know the church is true. The grand daughter liked it a lot so we set up another appointment to teach her again the following week. It was a miracle. After that we went over to a  Madagascar family in the ward and they fed us like 4,000 pounds of food. They were so nice and really  loved the missionaries over. The members here in  Belgium are all like that. 

Saturday we helped a guy move out of Charleroi to a safer place to raise his family in another part of  Belgium. He had a ton of stuff so we were there for like 6 hours. It was cool though, we were able to become pretty good friends with a dude in the ward that was helping him also. 

Sunday was so sick. The ward is by far the best ward I have served in. All the meetings and the lessons were so good and almost all the appointments with members we have this week were the members coming up to us to set the appointments! This city is super dumpy but the ward is sweet. These last 3 transfers have been flying by and I am learning so much. I thank God and my  family for giving me this opportunity to serve and to help me become the man I want to be. Love you guys!

love, Elder Carson

 Dinner with the District!

 The streets of Charleroi.

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