Monday, July 27, 2015

Week 42 - July 27 - Charleroi Belgium

My week in Belgium!!

This week has been super nuts man. I met my new companion and he is a Super nice guy.  We got white washed which means basically we have 0 investigators and 0 knowledge of the huge area that we are in. We walked like probably 25 miles already to find places.. maybe more. But it is a pretty good experience. The 40 members in the ward were so pumped that we were there on Sunday. In the sacrament meeting we went up to give our testimonies and introduce ourselves to everyone and when it was my turn to go up I just felt like this love for the ward and starting crying, telling them that I loved them and wanted to serve them and that I would do everything I could do to strengthen and grow the ward. The next two speakers after that talked about how grateful they are that they finally have good missionaries in the ward, and all the members came up to me after and told me how grateful they were for my testimony and that they would do all that they could to help us the missionaries out in our work. It was probably the most boss thing I have done on my mission haha.

The city that I am in right now is a strait up dump man.. ha like maybe the most ghetto places I have ever seen. But the food is amazing and the people are nice. I will send you pictures of what things they eat here. and also that boss guy Patrick is in the other Charleroi ward sadly... He is so cool though. He picked us up with all of our bags at the Train station and brought us to our apartment. He apparently takes us places on P-day.
Love you!

Love Elder Carson
This thing that I am eating is called a Meetriette (Machine gun) it is a giant baguette filled with a ton of meat, fries, veggies, and like a gallon of their special sauce. It was amazing. That will probably the last one I will ever eat though.. I was so full and I don't want to get fat in Belgium like I heard every other missionary that comes here does.

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