Monday, December 29, 2014

Week 13 - December 29 - Evry

Week 7 in France!

Week 7!

Monday: P-day! Today Elder Empey and I stayed in Evry while our comps went to Paris. Empey and I just went to the mall in Evry and got a super fancy haircut, it was pretty hard to tell the guy doing my hair exactly how I wanted it but it turned out pretty good! We also went to the store and bought the board game Risk, It gets super heated when we play it so we decided to cut it down to only playing once a week.

Tuesday: Today was district meeting and we all just bore our testimonies, it was pretty good.  After that we printed off the baptism pictures for Allain (our recent convert) and went to his house, taught him and his wife, and gave them the pictures from the baptism and they loved it. After that we had 3 appointments set up and every one of them didn't show up so we did the good ol' contacting the rest of the night.

Wednesday: Today we went contacting on the train and got 3 new potentials and then headed to a members house for christmas eve and we went to some inactive member houses and sang for them. After that we went back to their house and had a good dinner. Oysters, bread, smelly cheese, and something that tasted like and looked like strait up cat food called foie gras. Apparently it's made out of bird livers.

Thursday: Today for christmas we slept in til about 9:30, then we headed over to the nicest, richest family ever. The wife was so funny, she reminded me so much of shannon. She gave us such a good lunch. Snails, crab, oysters, and some shrimp looking things. The french just eat the giant shrimp with the shells and all.. After that she let us watch Ice age 2 and made us a ton of treats while we were watching. After that we played some basketball for a while and then headed over to skype the fam! The lady that let us skype was super nice, but her husband didn't want us over there. It was pretty awkward for a while after the skype because I had to talk to the husband while she was making dinner, and he wasn't a very nice guy ha.
Super solid Christmas.

Friday: Today we had weekly planning and set up a ton of appointments and all of them except one guy Gislain made an excuse last minute or just didn't show up. We headed over to Gislains about a half hour away and got to the door and my comp turns to me and says he sharted his pants! The only guy we find that was super pumped to hear the gospel and my comp had to go and shart his pants! One of the funniest things of my entire life. After that we went Christmas caroling and everyone was so annoyed because it was the day after Christmas but one family we sang for let us in for the first time in 3 weeks! They gave us some drinks and we just talked for 30 minutes and we taught them about the Book of Mormon, invited them to go to church and they said yes. All the caroling we did finally payed off.

Saturday: Today we couldn't get anyone to teach so we went contacting forever and found some more potentials, but nothing too exciting.

Sunday: Sunday we went to church and not one of our investigators came to church. It was probably because it was so cold. But it was super solid, I am starting to understand a lot more french in the meetings. After that we set up some more appointments with potentials and they all made excuses. It's pretty frustrating because it happens way too much.

Thank you everyone for all the emails and all the support! Love all you guys!

Love, Elder Carson

Watching Ice Age 2 for Christmas in English


Playing basketball... Jaxon's favorite thing to do.

They ate dinner at this cute ladies house and it was all raw shrimp and shellfish. They are supposed to eat even the shell.

Jaxon eating snails!! He actually loves sea food so it was easy for him. He said they aren't that good raw.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Week 12 - CHRISTMAS DAY - Evry


We got to Skype our Missionary today!
Here is a little snip-it of his call. We asked him to say something in french.


We had to take a Selfie with our Missionary! (Some of his cousins and siblings)

I made a life size Missionary Jaxon for our house. This was my Christmas Present along with his call. We love seeing his cute face standing near by.  Sometimes he freaks us out in the dark. haha. I gotta say it's awesome to have him around the house, even if it is just cardboard!

 I also made a Flat Elder like the "Flat Stanley" Elementary Craft. We call him "Flat Jax".  He goes everywhere with us. We saw the Christmas lights with him, he goes to our family parties and even goes to the movies with us. haha. It has been a BLAST! If you want a Flat Elder or a Flat anyone, my friend can make it for you. Just email me at for details.

Everyone wanted a picture with Flat Jax.

 Flat Jax made it to Grandma Hansen's 90th Birthday Party

He even got to sit on Santa's lap!

At the Movies with the Family on Christmas Day!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Week 12 - December 22 - Evry

 Christmas Week

Since I am talking to you in a couple of day's, I'm not going to send out a big email to everyone, haha.

But the coolest thing happened this week. On Friday, we got up and did our studies and I was just reading through Alma 34 and I came across the scripture Alma 34:35 through 38 and instantly thought of Jean Louis (our investigator). After studies we met with Jean Louis at the church and he told us that he isn't going to be baptized anymore because his wife forbids it.. We tried to tell him why he needs to be baptized and he still said he couldn't because his wife would leave him if he did. Ten minutes into the lesson, another one of our investigators showed up super early for the appointment so my comp said to finish the lesson with Jean Louis and he will start the lesson with the other investigator (Xavier), I was super nervous because I had no clue what to say to him so I just told him that when I was reading that morning I prayed to know what to say to him and I opened up the scripture Alma 34:35-38 and read it to him. He looked at me and told me that he has never had such a strong conviction from any elder he has ever met with. (he has been an investigator for a year now but hasn't been baptized because of his Evangelist wife..) I talked to him a little bit about how important baptism is for his salvation and what blessings come from baptism and then asked him to be baptized and he told me that he is getting baptized NO MATTER WHAT!! I asked him to say the prayer at the end of the lesson and it was the best prayer i have ever heard, the spirit was so strong. After that I prayed for like a solid 30 minutes thanking god for telling me what to say in that lesson to give him such a strong conviction.

it was definitely the craziest experience of my life.
I love you guys and I can't wait to see all of you Christmas morning!!!
Love, Jax

Monday, December 15, 2014

week 11 - December 15 - Evry

Week 5 in France

WEEK 5!  

Monday: Today was p-day and because Elder Davis was leaving home on Tuesday we went to Paris so he could see the Eiffel tower one last time. It is like one of the craziest things I have ever seen. All the buildings and all the shops and statues were super cool. After the Eiffel tower we went to the nicest Mcdonalds I have ever seen and it tasted the same as American Mccdonalds. Pretty big let down.. After that we just shopped around Paris and didn't buy anything because everything was so expensive. After that we went back to Evry to have family home evening with our investigator's and no one showed up. One of our new investigators Frank told us that he couldn't make it because he moved back to Africa! haha unbelievable..

Tuesday: Today we did just a lot of contacting and porting... We got three new potential's. In the afternoon we had an appointment with Allain, (our investigator that got baptised last Saturday) and we taught him more in depth about the priesthood because he was going to get the priesthood the next Sunday and he loved it. After that we went back to the apartment to meet the new Elder replacing Elder Davis. His name is Elder Jacobson and he is pretty cool.

Wednesday: Today we did service for an old less active couple, and it was awesome. They are re-doing their whole house with new paint so we scraped off all the old wall paper, plastered the walls and painted almost all of it. We have to go back next week to finish it. It was awesome because we got to know them super well and teach them about the birth of Christ. The wife was crying almost the whole time we were teaching them. I love doing service like that and see the love they feel from us. One of the best experience's I have had on my mish.

Thursday: Today we met with Allain to talk about the priesthood again. He was so worried about getting the priesthood. He felt like he "wasn't ready to receive such power" haha it was awesome, he feels so honored to be a part of this church and have the priesthood. After Allain, we headed down to the park to meet a guy named Michelle. We met him on the bus and he loves the bible. He carries it around with him everywhere and knows it really well. He doesn't believe in talking about spiritual things in church building's because he took a scripture out of the bible way out of context. We taught him about the restoration and he is pretty interested. He told us he is super worried about being saved and joining the right church, so he is pretty skeptical. He just needs to pray about the book!

Friday: Today we met with our other potential and he just wanted to bible bash with us and wouldn't listen to a word we said. We gave him a book of Mormon and told him to read it but he said he wouldn't and gave it back. He said he wanted to meet with us again so maybe the next one will be better! After that we had weekly and transfer planning and then went Christmas caroling.

Saturday: Today we deep cleaned the church with all the member's and not very many members showed up so it took about four hours. After that we went contacting the rest of the day and found some potential's! We still haven't found 1 white guy that want's to hear the gospel!

Sunday: We went to church, and then we met with a guy from Jehovah's Witnesses named Papi that we have met with before, but didn't get anywhere because he didn't listen to us at all but we gave him a book of Mormon and told him to read and he lied to us and told us he read the whole book and didn't receive any revelation but he couldn't even find the book when we asked him where it was, and he couldn't tell us what is was about. Then Elder Ireland and him just bible bashed the whole rest of the meeting and we got no where with it. All of his argument's against our church were all the same as everybody else's. They take thing's out of the bible way out of context and never except anything else. It is pretty sad.

It's gettin' colder and colder here in Evry and I'm starting to understand what people say a little more each week! I am loving every second of my mission and I am so glad I chose to serve!

Love you guys and miss you so much! 

Love, Elder Carson

Pictures of Jaxon at the Eiffel Tower!  

A Paris street at Christmas time.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Week 10 - December 8 - Evry

Fourth Week in France

Fourth Week,

Monday: We got up, did our studies, and got some groceries. After that we just walked around the mall looking for some cool french stuff, but I didn't find anything cool enough to get. Then we went to the church to have family home evening with our investigators and some member's and then ended the day with going Christmas caroling in a super rich neighborhood and no one would even listen to us, but still pretty fun. I still can't believe the people here man.

Tuesday: We had district meeting, then we went to our investigator's house to prepare him for his baptism this coming Saturday, then we went Christmas caroling again. We met one nice old lady that whole night and she let us share a spiritual thought about Christmas, but she wasn't interested for us to come back. No one like's Christmas caroling here. If we were in the state's we would have got into every door! The people here don't even let us finish a verse before cussing at us.. ha 

Wednesday: Today we worked on the baptismal program for our investigator Allain, and it turned out pretty good! After that we went to ward council and ended the day with contacting some brotha's in Corbeille and we got two potentials. One little family and a guy that loves Jesus. So classic.

Thursday: Today was exchange's so I had to go to Melan again with Elder Congerton. We taught one of his investigator's that was getting baptised the following week, and he spoke English so it was super nice. After that I went back to Evry and we did some more Christmas caroling, no luck again, but we are still hopefull it will work with someone here.

Friday: In the morning we did a lot of contacting on the bus and got a few potential's. In the afternoon, we went to our appointment with our most solid investigator, Jean Louis. We talked about temple's and Eternal marriage, but it was hard for him because his wife is Evangilist and doesn't like Mormon's. We have never been to his house for an appointment because his wife doesn't want us over, but we are just going to surprise them by just showing up at their door next week and see if we could teach her. Should be interesting.

Saturday: Today we had to wake up and be at the church by 7:00 so we could have the baptismal font filled by the baptismal service at 11:00. We had a bunch of free time, so we cleaned the whole church. The baptism was so cool and Allain was so happy, it was awesome. Pretty funny though, he is scared of going under water so the member that was baptising him had to push him as hard as he could in the water and the look on Allain's face was pure terror. We ended up having to try it 6 times, but he finally went all the way in. After that we went Christmas caroling for hours in Evry, but no luck again.

Sunday: We started off the day with a DMP meeting, then went to church and I am starting to understand a lot more in sacrament and classes. After church we stayed for the ward Christmas party, the Missionaries of the ward had to sing "Holy Night" in front of everyone with Santa hats on in the middle of the party. The french deserts that people brought were amazing. After that we went Christmas caroling and got a few potentials, it was great. I have never walked and sang so long in my life! It all payed of with those few potential's though.

This week was pretty good besides the fact that one of our investigator's Samuel, randomly called us and said he is moving to Italy. haha

Love you guys and miss you so much, today we are going into Paris to see the Eiffel Tower, so I won't be able to email anyone! 

Love, Elder Carson

 Baptism for Allain

 Christmas caroling/contacting in Corbeille
 A little blurry, sorry!

This is what they do when one of the Missionaries are going home! A Funeral. haha

Jaxon's first transfer picture! His District.

 ​Fountains of Evry

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Week 9 - December 1 - Evry

Third Week in France


Monday: P-DAY whoop! Monday was super chill we went to the mall got some sweet french stuff and headed back to the apartment and just relaxed! 

Tuesday: We went contacting all day and found one new investigator named Bruzza, he was pretty chill, and we were super pumped because we haven't found a new investigator in a while! After that we had district meeting and ate some good food there. After that we went door to door and no one let us in. CLASSIC!

Wednesday: Exchange day today! But this time it was better because I went with Elder Amaya, the district leader and he is super chill. We did some contacting and found a new investigator. He is a huge fifteen year old named Tiny. We gave him a tour of the church and he is coming to church this Sunday.

Thursday: Exchange is over and I'm back with Elder Ireland! Today for our Thanksgiving dinner, since none of the members invited us over, we had all you can eat sushi with the other two Elders in our room and it was pretty good! After that we just did some more contacting and door to door and we found a potential while contacting, but no one let us in while going door to door.

Friday: Today a guy from Jehovas witnesses called us over and we basically just bible bashed the whole time. Elder Ireland knows the bible so well, he proved everything he said was wrong and where to find what in the Book of Mormon, it was pretty sweet. after that we taught him the restoration and still just wanted to bible bash with us so we just left. We were there for about two hours. After that we did weekly planning then went to find some brotha's on the bus again and found a potential. We are meeting with him next week. 

Saturday: Today we went to the ward talent show, then we had DMP meeting. after that we started a new door to door method that the whole mission is doing which is Christmas caroling at everyone's door, then asking to share a message of Christ. Everyone loved the singing but didn't let us in. Still a good time though.

Sunday: We woke up and went to church and I got me sweet leather cases for my french scriptures from the library. After church we went to a members house and ate FOREVER and had family night with them, it was a good time and we got the trust of some more members and had some super good french food, but we were still there for way too long.. We were there from 1:00 to 8:00.
It is getting super cold here! I just got some good beenie's and gloves today. I am almost done with reading the Book of Mormon for the third time here and my testimony and faith is growing stronger and stronger everyday. 

Love you all! Miss all of you!!

love, Elder Carson

This is what he said in my personal email about Witney winning the Mirrorball!

That is so nut's witney won! I have been telling all of my investigators and all of the people that invite us over to eat and they don't know the show.... haha but my roommate's can't believe that she is my sister! We ate sushi for Thanksgiving dinner, it wasn't bad. We get very few people in our ward to invite us over for dinner... It's like every two weeks we get a mangervous they call it.. But I was pretty stoked to have some sushi! I got all the packages, I will send you some pics of them as well!! I found out we can have any music as long as its uplifting and wholesome, so can you send me some sweet Christmas albums in a flash drive or a disc? And also all the soundtrack of Prince of Egypt and Joseph King of Dreams soundtrack? Also can you send me this book called "Scriptural teachings of Joseph Smith"? I want that book so bad. Its so weird, I am always reading now, I actually enjoy it!! ha! Love you so much and miss you!
love Jax

 The train we take everywhere

 Our most solid investigator Jean Louis!

                 Elder Amaya our district leader

 Put up our Christmas Tree! Thanks Mom!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Week 8 - November 24 - Evry

Second Week in France!!

This week was a pretty good one!
Monday: p-day!! Super chill day, just got up did our studies, cleaned up the apartment, and went shopping for most of the day. I got a sweet french coat and some pants. After that we emailed and then we had family home evening with the investigators and taught the ten commandments.
Tuesday: We went contacting this day for so long. We talked to probably a million people and didn't have one interested person. Then at night we went door to door and we didn't even come close to getting into anyone's house. Rough day!
Wednesday and Thursday: These two day's I figured out how inconvenient exchanges are. For this exchange I had to pack my bags and go to a city called Melun about an hour away from Evry with this New Zealand kid that did not like me for some reason. We got to the apartment, ate some food and then left to go contacting. After contacting we talked to a black lady that hasn't been coming to church and was just recently baptised. We taught her the word of wisdom and she doesn't want to give up her coffee that she has every morning. After that I had to sit through a 2 hour DMP meeting and talk about the needs of the investigators that are for the missionaries in Melun. After that we went back to the apartment and had to wait for missionaries staying the night with us to go and hear Elder Cook from the quorum of the 12 that following morning because they didn't know where the apartment was. At midnight they called us to pick them up from the train station, so we picked them up, got to the apartment, had dinner, and ended up going to bed at 1:00 in the morning! The next day we woke up at 4:30 a.m. so we could make it on time for the conference in Versaille about 2 hours away. It was probably the worst time to do exchanges because I had to carry around my suitcase through 3 huge train stations to Versaille and back to Evry. But the conference with elder Cook was nuts. We all got to shake his hand and hear a super good talk from both him and his wife!

Friday: We went contacting for hours, then went on the busses and talked to some sweet black guys that were die hard catholic's. All we have to do when we are talking to the brotha's here is ask them if they want to talk about Jesus with us and they always are so pumped to talk to us and super nice. We had huge success buy doing this so we just ended up doing it the rest of the day! love the brotha's here.
Saturday: We did the same thing as Friday, just contacting on the busses and the streets! Pretty sweet day.
Sunday: This Sunday I didn't have any idea what was going on again but I sat next to one of our investigators Jean Louis and got to know him a little bit more, so that was good. After church we gave a blessing of comfort to this little asian lady and she was super nice. After that we went to a member's house to eat and were there for legit 5 hours! not a joke either.. the food was the best food I have ever had, but there was like ten courses and we just talked with them forever! After that we went contacting and as we were walking through this park, a guy yelled at us and said to come over to him and talk to him, we got over there and it smelt like he has been drinking a ton, but he basically told us why he is a muslim and that he has proof that his church is the only true church because he had numbers on his hands or something like that.. I didn't understand it at all. But after we told him why we believed in our church and bore our testimonies, he ended up taking a Book of Mormon! Crazy what a simple testimony can do!
love all you guys and miss you tons!!!!
love, Elder Carson

I don't know about any other missionary mom's but I have to email Jaxon 1 question per email so he will answer that question. haha. So this is one of the questions I asked this week and his reply! I love that he loves his companion. What a blessing.

Jax, hopefully this week is better for ya! You already knew it would be a tough mission. How long does elder Ireland have before he goes home?

His reply:   Its so sweet here but hard! and he leaves in like 5 months!! he knows everything there is to know about being a good missionary, I got so lucky!

(No pictures this week) boo! 

Jaxon's sister Witney won the MIRRORBALL for Dancing with the Star's and I wanted Jaxon to find out as soon as possible. So I sent an email to Sister Ponanski (they are HUGE Dancing with the Stars fans) and asked her to send a letter so he could get it quick and not have to wait until Monday to hear if she won.  She was so sweet and texted him for me.  She said he was so HAPPY for her and wanted us to send a video of her winning so he could see it.  Loved that we were able to get him the news so fast. 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Week 7 - November 17 - First week in Evry

Craziest week of my life!!

Hey Fam,

This has been the craziest week of my life!

*Tuesday: Right as we got off the plane, they gave us book's of Mormon to hand out for the train ride there. We got into the train and after sitting 10 minutes in the train I started to try and talk to people and they would just stare at me and laugh, so that kind of sucked. Then I started talking to this black dude and told him about the church and gave him the book of Mormon.  I gave him the contact information for the church in Versaille but he didn't seem interested at all.  After that we went to the mission home and president Babin said a few words and then we all walked to Notre Dame and that was pretty sick. Then we walked to the top of consecration hill and got a sweet view of Paris. After that, we went to a hotel to stay the night and it was pretty shabby.

*Wednesday: Today we found out who our trainers are and where our first area is. My trainer is Elder Ireland, a huge 6 foot 6 Canadian and way cool. I don't think I could have got a better trainer. My first area in the mission is a place called Evry, 45 minutes away from Versaille. We went to the apartment and I met the two other missionaries staying there, Elder Empey and Elder Davis. They are both way cool guys. They have all been out here forever. After I met them, we went contacting and it was so bad. I have never felt so unqualified in my life. The people here legit are the saddest people in the world. They all hated us and would laugh literally the whole time I was trying to speak. Pretty sucky night.

*Thursday: Our goal was to get at least 1 person that wanted to hear what we had to say and we wouldn't stop contacting until we found one. After contacting for 4 hours strait, we finally found a nice black guy on a bike named Bruzza and he was really interested, so we set up another time to teach him more. We contacted so long that I didn't even mind it anymore. After that we went door to door and it was crazy. Every single door that we went to told us to "de gaush", I didn't spell it right but it means "get out!". It's so nuts how angry the people are here.

*Friday: we went to an investigators house that is going to be baptised in December and we taught him the importance of prayer and the scriptures. My teaching is definitely not as good as I thought it was. we went contacting the rest of the day and no luck.

*Saturday: Saturday was pretty chill, just a baptism where I met most of the members and we went contacting again but this time we went to like to most ghetto part of Paris called Gingnre, and not one person wanted to stop and talk.

*Sunday: Sunday we went to church and I had to go up in front of the ward, bear my testimony and tell a little about myself and went through three hours of church not knowing even kind of what anyone was saying. After we went to church we went to this ladies house to give her a blessing because she was sick. We got there and she wanted me to say the blessing so I gave her one and the french was bad but it was a sweet experience.
I haven't really had any good food here yet because the missionaries in my room have already tried everything and there really isn't any really good places to eat here in Evry, so we have been making a ton of crepes and eating really strong cheese with baguettes almost every meal but its pretty good. So far I love it here and I just cant wait until I can understand the french and speak it! long ways to go but I'll survive!!!
Love all you guys so much!! 
Elder Carson

So I looked at Elder Empey's email this week and it was hilarious.  I know Jaxon is having a blast with these Elder's. I really hope they can all stay together for another transfer. They only have 4 week's until the next transfer which is short because of Christmas. Elder Davis get's to go home in December so he will for sure be leaving. Here is what I found on Elder Empey's email.   (He must of got confused with American fork and Spanish Fork)

So we got a new elder in our appt, Elder Carson. He's brand new from Spanish Fork Utah, and super cool! We played a couple of pranks on him when he first got here. Elder Ireland told him he only spoke french and then when they got to Evry he took him to our appt saying it was a referral. Elder Davis pretended to be french an I told him that I just moved here from America and don't speak any french. He gave me the whole first lesson and his personal book of Mormon and said he would just come get it later haha. they left and then came back and we were back in missionary clothes and he was pretty suprised. Elder Ireland and Davis kept pretending like they only spoke french for 2 more days after that.

I saw Austin Pitcher at the temple the day before I left the MTC.

He got to see one of his friends from American Fork who is serving in Paris France also. Elder Josh Beck.

Sight seeing and contacting with some Elder's from the MTC.


 A few sweet shots of Paris. You can see the Eiffel Tower far away to the right.

Louvre Palace

Jaxon inside Notre Dame.

 The inside of Notre Dame.

Elder Edmund's, Elder Taylor and Elder Carson. Companion's at the MTC. This is the outside of Notre Dame.

Evry France
 Jaxon's companion Elder Ireland (far right) and his other roomie's Elder Davis (far left) and Elder Empey (middle).

All 4 Elder's sleep in a 1 Bedroom apartment.

Our kitchen and laundry room.

A park in Evry where we usually go contacting

A street in Evry

A cool building in Evry

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Still week 6 - November 16 - Evry

 The Elder's in Jaxon's new Apartment

The things you find on other Blogs!! I love it.

I found out who the Elder's are in Jaxon's new apartment in Evry. Elder Empey has a blogspot and I found out a few things about them.  The 4 Elder's in his Apartment are Elder Ireland, Elder Carson (Jaxon), Elder Davis and Elder Empey.  I am thinking Jaxon will love his roomies. They totally seem to have the same interests as Jaxon. Joke-sters haha.  This is what Elder Empey said in his last email home on Monday.........

Wednesday will be the day when people get transferred around but ill be staying here in Evry with Elder Davis for at least another 4 weeks for sure and then I might be moved to a different city but ill probably stay another 8 weeks after that. There was only one change made in the apartment, Elder Roth is leaving to a different city and Elder Ireland will be training a "blue" here in Evry! I'm so stoked to have a missionary in the apartment that's newer than me! Makes me feel old and experienced in the mish ;) we don't know who he is yet but we have a whole bunch of pranks planned for when he shows up in 2 days haha. 

Elder Empey made a video of his apartment. I am so happy I found his Blog. I never imagined it being so tiny. Jaxon loves ping pong and I saw a little ping pong set on their dinner table. Here is the youtube link to tour their apartment. (Thank you Elder Empey)

 This is Elder Davis and Elder Empey