Monday, April 20, 2015

Week 29 - JAXON'S BIRTHDAY, April 20 - Evry

Second to Last week in Evry!

Monday: Today we had the Elder's from Melun come and play the Evry elders in soccer. Before the mission I didn't like soccer at all, but it's kind of growin' on me. The FHE was pretty good also. A less active member that we found showed up and he was hittin' it off with the members.

Tuesday: Today we taught Charly the restoration again and taught him about the priesthood because he received the priesthood last Sunday. I was pretty surprised how fast people can get the priesthood after the baptism. But he is doing really well and is still reading everything but the Book of Mormon. he told us that he started another book Preach my Gospel right after he finished True To The Faith! ha

Wednesday: Today we talked to a Muslim dude in the park about the restoration. He didn't try to bash us at all either which was super weird.. He said he was interested to hear more and we set up an appointment for the next day. First time setting up an appointment with a Muslim dude on my mission!

Thursday: Today we went less active finding in a place called Le Ferté Allais and the 3 less actives we were trying to find were so far away from each other so we had to walk like an hour to each one. We found all three of the houses, but they weren't there.
After that we couldn't make any appointments so we just contacted the rest of the night.

Friday: Today we set an appointment with a referral from one of the members in Antony, but he didn't show up...
After that we taught Jean-Louis. It went well but he said he hasn't stopped drinking coffee yet. He said it is too hard for him... I am kind of getting frustrated with him because he thinks the only thing we can do about the coffee addiction is pray. He is from an evangelic background so he thinks that praying really loud all day every day will make the addiction go away, so he will just pray and then do the same sin over and over again.
I went pretty hard on him about repentance, but at the end he said again, "pray for me, that is all we can do..". Super frustrating

Saturday: Today we got frooged 3 times. (Frooged is a word that the mission uses to mean that the guy didn't show up)
But we ended up being able to do some service for a less active member. He is building a fence for his chickens, so we helped him clean out the part in the backyard where he was going to put the fence in, and started putting up the fence. I will take a picture of it next week and show it to you guys, it looks pretty good already.

Sunday: Today I had to give a talk in church. I decided to tell the story that Gordan B. Hinckley shared a while back when the two kids put the 2 silver dollars in the farmers boots and talked about charity along with the story. It went really well. I was preparing it every day this week an hour a day during language study and it payed off. I am probably gonna keep it for every other ward here that I have to give a talk in. ha

Thanks everyone for all of the birthday letters! I love you guys and miss you!

love, Elder Carson

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