Monday, April 6, 2015

Week 27 - April 6 - Evry

le semain du conference general


This week has been pretty sweet other than the fact that my comp is sick with the flu. I have had to sit in the apartment studying a couple of the days and went on splits with the other missionaries so I could go work, but the days I was in the apartment were probably the longest days of my life. I read for probably 8 hours in the two days that I had to stay inside. My brain was dead.

This week we finally got a baptismal date for our golden investigator Nilson for the 9th of May. He is progressing really well.
  We haven't met with our newly baptised investigator Charly this week because he keeps saying that he is busy. But it kind of scares me because he doesn't even have a job so I wonder if he is just rubbin' us off.. We'll see what happen's next week.
Jean-Louis is still my favorite dude here in France, but he is regressing since we last met with him at his house and found the alcohol and coffee.. We haven't had the chance to teach him this week either..

Our other progressing investigator Hubert is not doing very well either..haha,  he still just looks at us when he prays and doesn't start with god or heavenly father and ends with just "amen" with the same two phrases in between."help us get on the right path" and "keep us going strong so we can obtain eternal glory" every single time.. We teach him the right way to pray every time and give him simple examples but he won't change! haha I don't know what to do..

We also met this old less active lady from Wyoming named Betty while trying to get to a member's house and she just came from shopping, so we helped her with her bags and went to her house and she fed us some food and we shared part of the 121st section of the doctrine and covenants. She was super grateful that we came to help her. We invited her to come to general conference and told her that we would be there every Saturday to help her with her groceries. It was a miracle.

Conference this week was so sweet. I have never been into conference this much in my whole life. Conference was literally all day in France because they show all the sessions except for the Sunday morning session in one day. It was so sweet. Our investigator's showed up including Betty and they all loved it except for our 24 year old recent convert Charly.  He stayed for one session, fell asleep in it, and then left. Super frustrating.
They set up a TV in another room so the missionaries could watch it in English, so it made me like the member's a little more.
I am super grateful to have a living prophet and apostles who are ordained of God and sent to help us in this dispensation.

Love all you guys! I will send the picture I forgot last week from the baptism.
love, Elder Carson

Our brotha's Alan (on the right) and Charly. Don't worry Alan really had a great time.


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