Monday, May 18, 2015

Week 33 - May 18 - Nantes

Bon semaine 

(Good Week)

This week went by super fast, we taught a lot of lessons and set a baptismal date with a giant african named Sika. We have been booked every day all day this week. We ended up most of the days not even eating lunch because of the appointments we had. It is super nice to have a companion that likes to work hard and have fun at the same time. Nantes is sooo sweet. 

Monday: Today we played some football with the other Elders in the apartment. The missionaries in the apartment love sports like me. Later that day we taught a Nigerian named Immacuel. He didn't agree with a lot of the stuff we said and said that he wouldn't leave his church because he has a huge calling in it. But he did say he would pray about it, and if God tells him it is true then he will be baptized in our church. 

Tuesday: Today we went to district meeting and then taught our most solid investigator Sika. We read the brochure that we gave him and told him to read and when we asked him to read the introduction of the Book of Mormon he laughed in our face and told us he will read the whole thing by the next appointment! haha we will see about that. He doesn't even know how to pray, but he has so much faith. After that we stopped by a members house to say Hi and get to know them better. It went well. My companion and I decided to stop by each members house and just share a spiritual thought with them and get to know them better. It has been working really well. 

Wednesday: Today we taught Laure (the recent convert) about prayer. She had her exams for school the following week so we told her to pray and ask God to help her do well on her tests. She is almost done reading the Book of Mormon and is giving a talk in church next week. After that, I went on exchange with Elder Young in the apartment and we taught one of their less actives named Koffie. Koffie is a crazy african dude that loves weed. He has a super solid testimony, but he just can't get away from the Ganja. We decided to talk about work in the temple and we set the goal for him to go there and get his endowments. He was super pumped.

Thursday: Today we went with a member to do his home teaching with him. We taught a couple families about standing up for their beliefs and how to react to someone who tries to tear down your faith. 

Friday: Today we went to the church to help a kid in the ward do his mission papers. We helped him out a little bit by telling him how much the mission changed our lives and how important it is for him to go on a mission. His parents don't support him, he can barely pay for his schooling, and his girlfriend is slowin' him down. We are going to meet with him weekly to help him prepare for the mish. 

Saturday: Today we went and did service for a member David. (the canadian who is getting divorced) he  is putting grass in his backyard, so we dug up all of the weeds and raked everything out all nice. Next week we will put down the grass. We shared with him a Mormon message called "the refiners fire" and he cried. He has a tough life. I have had it pretty good these past 19 years.

Sunday: Today we had 7 appointments set up today and all of them frooged us except for 2 of them. We were riding all over Nantes to get to the appointments on time and they didn't show up. 

Love all you guys! 

Love, Jax
 ​Got to play some ping pong with the youth for Saturday sports!

 ​Baptism with Laure 2 weeks ago.

 ​On a famous bridge in Nantes.

 ​Waiting for one of our investigators in the park.

Elevator fun with Elder Mcbride.

The street of Chantier Nevals.

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