Monday, June 1, 2015

Week 34 - June 1 - Nantes

Good Week!

Monday: Today we went to this giant mall about 45 minutes away from our apartment and just hung out there for a while, then after that we played some baseball. Elder Davis in my last apartment gave two gloves and a baseball before he left home. That was pretty fun, I haven't thrown a baseball forever. After that we went to a members house to give them a little spiritual thought. The members here in France will only let you come over if you just give a spiritual thought. We taught about charity and told them to pray in the morning and ask god to give them a chance to be charitable during the day and then re account what you have accomplished to god in your nightly prayers. This actually works super well. I have been trying this the last 3 weeks and god always gives me these experiences each day.

Tuesday: Today we did double exchanges with the zone leaders so we set 6 appointments. It was super cool. We taught a less active named Pedro the restoration and he loved it. After him we taught a brotha named Bonheur at a train stop. He isn't really progressing right now. He thinks that he doesn't have to be baptised again so he won't accept a baptismal date. He tells us what we are saying is true but he doesn't understand.

Wednesday: Today we taught this guy that was totally insane. We went to try to find his house to meet up with him and we saw him standing by this little green door. He was super excited to see us. We went inside the little green door and it was like a little cave that led to a huge building with tiny apartments. He brought us to his apartment on the first floor and it was disgusting. His bed had dirt all over it, we couldn't even see the floor, and he had writings all over the wall saying things like "the house of Melchizedek", "Allah", and drawings of weird devilish stuff everywhere. I had the worst feeling in his house. We taught him about prayer and asked him if he would pray to know that Jesus Christ is the son of god, and he said "no". Then started going on saying that Jesus Christ is his best friend who lives in Paris named Max. After he went on about that for like 10 minutes we said a prayer with him and left. The weirdest appointment I have ever had by far..

Thursday: Today we went to another less actives house today named Evers. We taught him the Restoration and told him to pray again to know if it was true because he had said earlier that he couldn't remember a time when he prayed to know if it were true. But he said that he probably wouldn't pray again because he knows it is true already. After him we went to an African families house and shared a little spiritual thought. After the thought the dad told us that he wants us to prepare his 10 year old son for baptism with the missionary lessons.

Friday: Today we taught a dude from Beijing named Song, and he speaks English. He had been an investigator a long time ago. He was super pumped to start up the missionary lessons again. We taught him the word of wisdom and he said he would live it without any hesitation.

Saturday: Today 7 investigators told us they were coming to church and none of them came. After church we went finding for a bit and found some super solid brothas on the tram. Life would suck here in France with out these Africans! haha 

Today in my studies I was reading in Doctrine and Covenants 93 and I came across a scripture that I really liked. in D&C 93:36 it reads: 36 The aglory of God is bintelligence, or, in other words,clight and truth.
The glory of god is intelligence or wisdom. I thought about how we can gain this wisdom or intelligence, and I came to the conclusion that it is only obtained through experience. To let god expand our minds and give us this intelligence, we have to live by the principles that we learn. We can learn from the scriptures, but it is only when we start living the things we learn from the scriptures for God to expand our minds and give us intelligence.

I love all you guys and hope you have a good week!

love, Elder Carson
​A Cathedral by our house

 Model shot on top of the castle by our apartment.

Our less active, Pedro.


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