Monday, July 6, 2015

Week 39 - July 6 - Nantes


This week was pretty good.

Monday we set two baptismal dates and taught a sick african family with a member. The first baptismal date we set was for a guy named walter. He comes from central africa and he speaks fluent English. He
understands super well and keeps all of the commitments we give him. He calls us like every day to see how we are doing and sets appointments with us. He is definitely goin' in the water.

The second one is a dude from Nigeria named David. He is a super cool dude. We had to explain every principle we taught him out of the Bible, but he believes that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that we are the only church on the earth with the priesthood of god. The only problem is that he can only speak english so church is hard for him.
We had to translate for him the whole time and I don't think he had the most spiritual experience. He said that church was pretty good though so we'll see.

The other appointment we had that night was super sick. We met this one guy on the tram a while back called Moise and said that he wanted us to come by his house some time. So we took this sweet African
member with us to his house and when we got there he had 4 kids, a wife and a friend over. We taught the Book of Mormon and it went super well. He still has a lot of questions but they have a lot of

Tuesday we went to zone conference and it was pretty sweet. We had a training on the Ipads and then we got Ipads at the end of the meeting. Originally we were supposed to get individual ipads but I guess someone stole one hundred Ipads from the mission office the day before the conference so now each companionship shares one Ipad. They just
ordered some more so that we can have one for each missionary but Ivthink it will take a while. The Ipads have been so nice. We have been showing super good Mormon Messages to everyone. It has been working super well. We have had some muslims and catholics that were super closed before we showed the video, but after the video they are open with us and we end up having a really good conversation and get to bare our testimonies. Usually we show the video "Because of him". I'ts so good. God is so smart.

Friday we got to help a non member move. She had so much stuff and we were there like almost all day. She was so thankful and super nice. We didn't get to share with her anything, but I hope we will get to
another time. We are going to try and knock on her door one day to see if we can share a message with her.

That is about all that happened this week! love you guys! I will send pics.

love, Elder Carson

 The Beach with Elder McBride!

                            Our new Ipads!

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