Monday, July 20, 2015

Week 41 - July 20 - Transfer week to Belgium

                   Hey Fam,

This week was pretty nuts! Monday we went and played the worst sport in the world (soccer) and my comp got pretty hurt in the shin and he thinks a ligament is torn or something so that sucks but he is still grindin' so that is good. If I had to sit in the apartment all day for like three days like I had to when my second comp was sick I would go nuts. Hopefully everything will be fine.

Thursday we got to teach this crazy African women named Terreza. She was like the nicest gentle person I have ever met, but when she started talking about Jesus she was like literally yelling her testimony, it was kind of hard not to laugh but I kept it in. After that we taught a young 12 year old boy named Jenisse who is the son of a less active guy in our ward and it was a super cool experience. We
taught him the plan of salvation and he was super interested in it. He said he really wants to know if it is true and wants to feel the spirit. super cool kid.

Friday we went to a huge family's house in the ward and it went super well. One of their kids is less active and their family just hates each other. We talked about the Book of Mormon and what it can do for them if they read it every day as a family. We asked all of them to share their testimonies of the Book of Mormon and not a single one of the kids had a testimony. We were able to share our testimonies of the Book of Mormon and how it changed our lives. I was tearing up pretty bad and the dad was crying. Super cool experience. I really hope we helped that family out a lot.

Saturday we taught our most solid investigator Kevin. We taught him about baptism again and asked him if he received an answer that the Book of Mormon is true and he said yes. He said when he prayed one night before bed and was impressed to look in the Book of Mormon. It was a scripture that really touched him and answered his prayer. We set a baptismal date for the 8th of August, and he is pretty excited.  Also that day we got the news of who is going where for transfer day and I am going to a place in Belgium called Charleroi! My new comp will be Elder Shenkal and we will be white washing the city also, so it will be interesting.. I also heard that it is the most ghetto scary city in the mission so I might not make it back alive.. jk mom.

love you guys!

love, Elder Carson

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