Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 19 - February 9 - Evry

New Companion!

P-day: Today we cleaned the apartment, got some groceries and then played basketball in the park next to us. At night we had family home evening at the church and we had a pretty good turnout. three of our investigators were there plus the other missionaries investigators and a ton of members. Pretty solid.

Tuesday: Today we taught Charlie and set a baptismal date for him on the 28th of march. after that we taught a brotha named Carlos in the park because he refuses to go inside a church and talk about Jesus and we didn't really get anywhere with him. To end the day we taught Jean-Louis and watched the John tanner story with him.

Wednesday: Today I picked up my new comp from Chatelet and said goodbye to my super solid trainer. My new comp, Elder Blackham is a super shy.  He isn't very fluent in his french, but I am trying to help him out as much as I can.  It is going to help me just as much. That night we had ward council and I was stressin' pretty bad because I didn't think I could do it with the french I had but it turned out pretty well.

Thursday: Today we taught Charlie and it went pretty well. After that we went to a place just out of Evry to go door to door for the rest of the night and we found a guy named Pete from Chicago and he let us in and taught him about the Book of Mormon in English. Super nice.

Friday: Today we did weekly planning and then taught Jean-Louis. We just read out of the Book of Mormon with him and he can't wait to be baptized.

Saturday: Today we did service for this one lady from Utah that owned a candle company called "Salt City" and helped her move all of her inventory to another place in Paris. After that we went to ward mission leader meeting and then did some more door to door until the end of the night.

Sunday: Church today was pretty solid. We had all three of our investigators show up today and we set up a bunch of lessons with the members for next week. After church we went contacting the rest of the day in the park next to our house. It went pretty well because there was a ton of families taking a Sunday evening walk so it was perfect.

Love you and miss you all!
Je vous aime tous! Et bonne semin!

Love, Elder Carson

My new companion Elder Blackham - Cool dude!
Saying goodbye to my first comp in the Paris,France mission. Elder Ireland.

Saying goodbye to Elder Empey before he headed off to Metz.

One of Jaxon's best friends got her call to Paris France also and he was able to see her when he was dropping his companion off at the Mission office.  It was nice for him to see someone from home. Sister Mia Clements, serving in Liège, Belgium.

During transfer's Jaxon was able to see his buddy from American Fork, Elder Josh Beck. (the one to the right of Jaxon)

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