Thursday, February 19, 2015

Week 20 - Feburary 16 - Evry

Week 14 In France!!!

P-Day: Today we played some ball out in the big park next to our apartment and then emailed and then ate some racklettes. After that, we went to family home evening and the member that was teaching the lesson decided it would be good to talk about deep doctrine the whole time. Our investigators were so confused.. 

Tuesday: Today we taught Charlie and then went to a place called Mondville, 45 minutes away and went porting until the night and we found this guy named Pete from Boston and he let us in and we taught him the restoration and he told us he would come to church this Sunday. It was super nice to teach in English.

Wednesday: Today we went and taught this recent convert from Nigeria and he doesn't speak french and barely speaks English so it was difficult, but again super nice to teach in English. After that we watched a movie with Jean-louis and read the Book of Mormon with him. I talked with the mission president this week also to see if Jean-Louis could still be baptised without the approvel of his wife and he said no. He was super bummed when I told him. 

Thursday: Today was zone conference so we headed out to Versaille. The zone leaders and president gave us a training and it was pretty good. After the training he let us watch "Meet the Mormons" and then had an interview with president and his wife, it went super well. They both were super impressed of my french. And to end the night we taught Charlie and then headed to bed.

Friday: Today was weekly planning! Whoop! That was super long. After that we taught Jean-louis and we are almost a fourth of the way done with the book of mormon with him. After that we did some porting in Evry and no one let us in. Shocker..

Saturday: Today we went to a super nice town called Boineville to do door to door and it rained like crazy, we were soaked. After that we went contacting in the park and got a few numbers.

Sunday: Today we headed to church and a white guy named Oubert that we contacted on Saturday was there. He said he liked it a lot. After church I went home and felt super sick and threw up, so we stayed in for the rest of the night. I didn't sleep one second last night. Missed my mom pretty bad. Today I have a super bad cough and my back hurts like a mother but feeling better as the day goes on.
Love you all!

love, Elder Carson

 Basketball in the Park next to our apartment!
(The date is WAY off on the picture)

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