Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Week 21 - Feburary 23 - Evry

Sick Week!

Monday: Today I was pretty sick throwing up and stuff, but I think that it was from the sushi I ate that day. I stayed in the apartment all day in bed and set up a doctor's appointment for the following day.

Tuesday: Today we went to district meeting and I felt terrible the whole time. After district meeting we headed to the clinic in Paris 45 minutes away and when we finally got there, they told us that the doctor wasn't in til' tomorrow, so we set up an appointment for the next day. After that we had an appointment with this solid guy named Fabien and it went super well.

Wednesday: Today I felt a lot better but still had a horrible cough. Today was also exchanges and we just went contacting all day and it made my cough even worse in the cold. Then we headed to Paris again to go to the clinic and when I got there the doctor just told me that I had a cold and food poisoning, so that was a big help. He gave me cough medicine and Ibuprofen.

Thursday: Today we ended the exchanges in Melun and taught a guy named Xavier and it didn't go very well. He basically just told us that he doesn't want to be a Mormon. He said even if God told him to be baptized in our church he wouldn't. But he still wants to meet with us and give him all the lessons and come to church.. super weird dude.

Friday: Today we did weekly planning and got some pizza from pizza hut. The pizza hut is way better here by the way. After that we taught this guy named Hubert that we found out has some sort of disorder but still was really sincere and is really interested.

Saturday: Today we taught Jean Louis and a referral from the church named Paul. It went super well and he said yes to being baptized in the first lesson. After that we just contacted.

Sunday: Today at church we had only two of our investigators show up. Jean Louis and Charlie. After church we had Ward mission leader meeting and then after that we headed over to a members house and gave the family home evening lesson. There was a ton of people there. And if any of you know any good object lessons you should email me them. Super nice for teaching things like that.
Love all of you!
Love, Elder Carson

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