Monday, February 2, 2015

Week 18 - Feburary 2 - Evry

 Week 12 in France!
Bonjour mes fréres et soeurs,

Monday: We did some shopping, cleaned the apartment, hung out in the apartment and emailed. After that we went to the church and a guy named Charlie that we met a couple days before came to family home evening with the ward, but it ended up just being my comp and I, Charlie and two other members so we decided to watch the restoration video and asked him to be baptised and he said yes! Pretty sweet day.

Tuesday: Today we had district meeting and exchanges. Elder Ireland gave the training because it was his last district meeting in the mission, it was super good.  After that Elder Congerton (the elder I did exchanges with) taught Alan about the plan of salvation. After that we taught a new investigator Edner the restoration. Then to finish off the day we went to a members house and had order-in pizza.

Wednesday: Today we headed over to Melun to end the exchanges, came back to Evry, did a butt load of contacting, and then watched the movie "Legacy" with him and he loved it. Whenever something bad happened he would yell "Ooo la la! C'est pa vrai!" haha.

Thursday: Today we taught our new investigator Charlie. It was pretty akward because I think he is gay. After that we went over to a members house and had just strait up carrot soup! Haha 

Friday:Today we taught Charlie again and we taught him the law of chastity and forgiveness. He told us that we didn't have any problems with it, but still a little sketchy! After that we taught Alan and his wife about questions he had in the Book of Mormon. After that I did the last weekly planning session by myself because Ireland is going home. 

Saturday: We went to the church in the morning and cleaned with the one other member that showed up. After that we checked the Repetoir to see who my next comp would be and his name is Elder Blackham. Apparently he was in the same MTC group as Elder Empey in my apartment and said he was super cool, so I'm pretty pumped. Then we taught charlie again about the priesthood and proper authority and said that he would think about being baptised on the 14 of Feb. After that we had DMP meeting and then did some door to door in a super nice city called Etoile.

Sunday:Fast Sunday! Whoop! today we went to church and then went porting right from church all the way until 6:00 to eat dinner. After that we went into an apartment building and went door to door looking for some nice Africans but instead found one of chase's buddies from china that said she wants us to come back and teach her and her family! Pretty sweet!

In transfer 3 already!
Love all you guys and miss you all! and I'll give you the same spiritual thought that chase left everyone which is "Read your Scriptures"

Elder Carson

End of transfer 2 district meeting

 Elder Congerton and I on exchanges.

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