Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 26 - March 30 - Evry - 6 months down!

Le Semain du Baptem!

(Week of the Baptism)

Monday: Today we did the usual shopping, cleaning and studies and then played some basketball in the park. It's super nice to have a court here, the older missionaries say that they never have had a basketball court so close. After that we headed over to the church for FHE and learned about non doctrinal opinions of Kolob. It was really interesting.

Tuesday: Today I went on exchanges with our new district leader Elder Shenkel and it was super sweet because he comes from Switzerland and speaks German so I got to finally use my 3 years of German from High school with him.
We taught Charly that day and also finished his interview for the baptism and he has a super solid testimony.

Wednesday: Today we had district meeting and then cleaned the church. After that we went to Jean-Louis house and he introduced us to a ton of his friends and set up appointment's to go back the next week. After he introduced us to like everyone who lived in that building, he took us back and cooked some super good Indian food for us. Also when we were there we found alcohol and coffee on his counter, so we asked him about it and he felt so bad. He said that he messed up last month when we told him he couldn't be baptised because of his wife (which I still don't understand why the church policy is that) and it hit him pretty hard. Super sad but hopefully he can get baptised soon.

Thursday: Today we met up with a guy from Portugal and his family at their house and watched the Restoration video with them and they loved it. We taught them after that about authority and the priesthood, and then asked him and his wife if they would be baptised and they said they wanted to be baptised as soon as possible! haha they are so golden and a super cool family. 

Friday: Today we did weekly planning and taught Alain and Judith, our new converts and asked Alain to Baptise Charly, he was super pumped to do it. After that we taught Hubert (our only white investigator) about prayer. He is progressing pretty well and hopefully he will be ready for his baptismal date for the 18th of April

Saturday: Baptism!
Today was nuts.. We went to the church 6 hours before to make sure the font would be filled and get everything ready for the baptism. When we got to the church we couldn't find where the thing was to turn on the faucet for the font. We finally found where the thing would be to turn on the faucet but it was in a locked door, and we didn't have the keys for it.. So we called up a member in charge of all the keys and he came over, opened it and turned it on. But when we turned it on, pouring out of the faucet was a ton of black ink, so we turned it off, cleaned it out, and then tried it again. It was going fine until the member checked back in the water heater room and found a huge leak from turning on the font. So he turned it off, called a guy to come fix it, and then said sorry and left.. We didn't have any way to get water so we just started throwing buckets of water in from the sink's. That was going too slow and we only had 1 hour until the baptism, so we hooked up this hose to a faucet in the custodial room into the font and then started getting huge garbage bags and filling it with water from the other bathroom's. And by then all of the hot water was gone, so the water in the font was freezing cold for the baptism, but we finally got enough water in before the baptism started and everything went smoothly from there. Super spiritual experience for me. Satan really did not want that baptism to go through..

Sunday: Today at church the family that we taught showed up and hit it off with all the members that spoke portugese. Also in the sacrament we confirmed Charly a member of the church and he is getting the priesthood in a few weeks! After church we went to Villabé to teach the guy that told us to come back another day and he wasn't there.

Thanks for all the prayers and support!!
Missions rule.
love, Jax

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