Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Week 35 - June 8 - Nantes

Pictures and No email.... Hmmm I'll take it..

Hey guys,

 I am not going to do emails this week because one of the members in the ward is going to take us to the beach to play some beach volleyball. I will get some good pics!  

Last week was super cool though. One of the members took us to a place in our area like 2 hours away by car right next to the ocean. It was so cool. We visited some less actives down there and we did some contacting on the beach. I will send you some pics.

love you guys!

love, Jax

 Road trip to find less actives by the beach

 Another city we visited by the ocean to go door to door. there was a sick old castle there also.

 The district in Nantes.

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