Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Week 36 - June 15 - Nantes

What's up Fam.....

This week was a good one and a gay one! I will explain.
The beginning of the week was super good. We found a lot of new investigators and taught a lot of people. We found this guy from Nigeria named Kelly that said he left Nigeria because he was wanted there. He loves God and wants to know more about us because he was looking for a church to go to. That is how every African thinks here. They don't actually believe that there is one true church. They just go to the one they like the most.

I might as well have served my mission in Africa. There are so many here and I have come to love them so much. I have been trying to learn one of the languages that they use in Kinshasa Congo called Lin gala. They love it if you can speak Lin gala.

We also found a brotha named Moses and his family of 5 this week. We taught him and his wife the restoration, and they thought it was cool. I think that they have a lot of potential.

We also taught our most solid Chinese investigator Song this week. He was originally atheist, but he actually believes in God now and in the church. He told us the other day when he was about to go into an interview he was super nervous so he said a prayer and right after the prayer he said that he felt peace come over him and the interview went super well. He still said that the baptism might take time, but he is progressing super well. Sorry Chase Taylor for stealing your investigator!
The end of the week was pretty slow.. There was a gay pride day thing and everywhere we went guys were making out with guys and the women were making out with women. It was literally all over Nantes..  Right after they had their parade thing, so many people were yelling at us and hatin' on us. It brought a really bad spirit to Nantes I think because after that day, we didn't find any new investigators and it seemed like absolutely no one wanted to listen to us.
Other than that, it was a pretty good week. 
 Je vous aime tous! Passez un bon semaine!!
(I love you all! Have a great week!!)

love, Elder Carson

I love you all! Have a great week

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