Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Week 3 - October 21 - MTC

Things are looking UP!

Week 3 Le MTC est super!

   Thank you so much everyone that sent me packages!!! Without you guys I don't think I would have made any friends! It is like a party every night in my room.. Our whole branch pretty much are in our room every night just chillin with all the food ha. This week one of the sisters in our district had to go to the emergency room for the fourth time and she asked me to give her a blessing in french. So nervous.. 

also, my companion Elder Edmunds and I had the sweetest lesson for the fake investigator, It was our best yet. After we taught him we asked him to be baptised and he said yes! It was a cool experience. It just makes me so pumped to get out to France and teach! 

Other than the investigator appointments, the MTC has been super boring.. Sitting in a chair all day studying pretty much is the worst thing ever. We decided to join the choir to make the MTC a little more interesting, and it actually is pretty fun. (If you know Jaxon at all, He cannot sit still for too long. I think he may have a little ADD. haha. just kidding. To get him to sing even at church was a stretch, so it's been so fun to see he joined the choir. yay!)

I'm so glad Elder Spoors (the Elder from Britain) is here. He is so sweet and he is like the same person as I am. It is good to have someone around not so serious all the time. Everyone in the MTC was sick with the cold including my companion this week. I ended up getting a super sore throat today and a nasty cough. Not happy about it..  

We had breakfast in the temple this morning and it was the best food I had ever had. That is pretty much all that happened this week and I feel bad not sending you a huge email with a ton of stuff going on, because there really isn't anything going on.. But I promise my emails will get a lot more interesting when I get out in the field. 

Love all you guys and hope you all had a good week!!

Love, Elder Carson

 Elder Spoors and Elder Carson (The Elder from Britain)

Elder Carson and Elder Edmunds (Jaxon's companion)

Elder Taylor (One of the Elder's in Jaxon's District)

Elder Barben found a praying mantis and stuck it on his head. 

 Elder Spoors and Elder Carson hanging out at the Provo Temple.


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