Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Week 2 - October 7 - MTC

 Lots of Studying

Bonjour mon famille!!!

Wednesday: We taught two investigators in one day and we decided that we new enough french to try and go in there without anything but our scriptures for the second investigator. It turned out great the the spirit was so strong without all of the notes. 

Thursday: We had another investigator and we studied a lot.

Friday: Another investigator and a lot of studying.

Saturday: I can't even remember anything that was even close to fun that we did.

Sunday: It was so nice to relax a little bit. We walked around the temple for about an hour and I forgot my camera, sorry mom.. The devotional that night was awesome though.

Monday: Studied, nothing really interesting happened. 

Tuesday: P-day is so sweet. Its so relaxing. We went to the temple this morning and after we went to the temple cafeteria. We aren't sure if you are really supposed to do that but no one cared because the food at the MTC is killing our insides. When we were eating the best meal I have had in two weeks, my companion felt that we should go check on one of the sisters.. He started running back to campus and stopping every few feet and closed his eyes for about 10 seconds I thought he was going crazy. I kept asking him what was going on and he kept ignoring me... After searching almost the whole campus. He said " I feel that we need to go to the mail room" So we go there and we saw her on the way and he asked her if she was alright and she said " YA! why?" So we just left and I couldn't help myself to laugh and he got pretty mad at me. haha

The days are going by so slow, but the weeks are going by so fast if that makes any sense. My really good friend here is a British guy named Elder Spoors. He is the funniest guy I have ever met.

I didn't take any pictures this week but I will for sure next week!! I love all you guys and I will keep you posted!!!

Amour, Elder Carson

(Jaxon has been getting our packages. I sent him some Olive Garden salad and breadsticks and he said it was bad after an hour of getting it, so he said don't send any food that will go bad quick.) 

I follow the Facebook page "France Paris Missionary Families" and I met a mom of one of the sisters in Jaxon's district. Sister North had taken these pictures and I was so happy to see my cute boy's face. Here they are.....  (Thank you Tracie North)

   In French Class

At the Provo Temple with their Zone

Provo Temple with his District

                  Elder Tayler, Elder Carson, Elder Edmonds, Elder Gunn.

                 Sister Clark, Sister North, Sister Simpson, Sister King.

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