Thursday, October 16, 2014

MTC Packages (Part 1)

I try and send Jaxon a few packages a week with just something even if it's just a Gatorade with a treat and letter. I only do this many because we live so close and have "Same day delivery" available. When he is in France it will be harder to send packages so I am taking advantage of what we have now. I know Mail in the MTC is a pretty big deal for them and I am very grateful I am able to do this so he can feel our LOVE! I wanted to start posting some of the packages so I can come back to this blog a few years from now and remember what to send to my next missionary.  It's really nice to live close to the MTC where we can send our packages same day. I can take it to the Post Mart in Orem by 3:00, pay them $2 no matter what size and he gets his package at dinner time around 5:00 or 6:00. Definitely a benefit of living close. They also have Saturday Delivery if you get it there by 10:00am.

Camry and I made cute little Twinkie Elder and Sister Minionaries to share with Jaxon's District. Also we gave him a box of tongue type candy for "The Gift of Tongues" Box. These are candies that will get his tongue all jazzed up and ready to go for French!! 

This is what our package had in it, and I added some small FROZEN Gatorades. He loves Gatorade and at least by the time he gets it today the drinks will be nice and cold.

 I found these cute ideas on Pinterest and they have the printables for the Minionaries on there.

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