Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Week 1 - October 7 - MTC

 First Letter (MTC)

Bonjour Famille!!
I am so jealous that you guys got to meet the duck dynasty guys!! (He got to meet Willie from Duck Dynasty but all the rest of the family came the week after he left and he missed seeing them.) I have never studied for something so long in my entire life. The first day we had to personal study for an hour, companion study for two hours, and then language/gospel study for 3 hours and some orientation stuff. The second day, we had 2 hours of personal study, 2 hours of companion study, and then I think 5 hours of language/gospel study with three breaks... Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But my french teacher is so cool and so patient. It is only the 6th day and I can say a prayer, bare my testimony, and teach a short lesson in french! It is crazy what the spirit can do. My companion Elder Edmunds and I taught our first lesson to our fake investigator Hospice on the second day and it was awful.. neither of us had a clue what he was saying and I didn't feel the spirit at all. Sunday was such a nice break. I watched the entire general conference for the first time in my whole life without falling asleep. The food here is always luke warm and tastes a little bit like plastic. I have had constipation for a couple of days so I decided to drink the orange juice today at lunch. apparently the orange juice is the X-lax of the MTC. Then on Monday we had to teach our fake investigator Hospice again. We decided to teach him the first lesson: The Plan of Salvation or the Plan de salut. We went in there with no notes and I thought for sure that we were screwed. After we taught him the lesson, we bore our testimonies and the spirit was so strong. I didn't think that it would mean as much to me because it was in french but I was tearing up a little bit. Today we went through the temple and it was such a nice break. The lord is definitely testing me here. Gym time is every night around 8:00 til 9:25 and I play basketball a little bit, but there is no one else that plays really... My district is amazingly uncoordinated and they would all rather play four square... If you don't know what that is.. It is where you hit the ball to each other in a box..... It kinda blows. But anyways! Me and my companions personalities clash so badly, I don't think that I could have got a worst/best companionship out of all the people in the world. But it's not about me.
I came in here with a good attitude and ready to work hard and so far it has helped it go by really fast. I love learning french and I am ready for 5 more weeks! I just can't wait to get into France!!! I love all of you guys and I will send pictures soon!

Love, Elder Carson

 ​I'm not gay I promise. It was scarf day. my companion is the Elder on the left.

These are the elders that are in my room. They are sick! the one right next to me is Elder Spoors and he is from England, and he is way cool.

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