Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Terrorist Attack in Paris - January 7 2015

Terrorist Attack in Paris 

I thought I would put some information on this blog so our family and friends can see what is going on in Paris with the Attack. Our prayers are going out to all those affected by this and for our Missionaries. Please pray for our Missionaries throughout France.  This is what the Mission President posted on Facebook this morning. 

Dear all,

-You have heard of this horrific tragedy in Paris. All our missionaries are safe! The entire city will see an enormous increase in the security presence, but our
missionaries received today some recommandations and should simply be cautioned to watch out for anything out of the ordinary, and be completely compliant if confronted by police or military personnel. 

-They all were asked to check the security of their apartment doors, and entrances to church buildings.

- They have been advised to avoid the area of the shooting for at least the next
72 hours, in order to stay out of the way of police investigation.

Missionaries have been advised also to increase their awareness in some areas,
as the police and residents will be on edge, at least until the suspects are

-We will be watching very closely those areas and if they become violent, we will consider pulling missionaries out altogether for a time.

- Missionaries have been advised also to avoid getting into conversations with
street contacts of a political nature of any kind.

Hope those few lines will reassure all of you that we are watching over our full
time missionaries and that they are doing very well.

President F.Babin

This is an Article on MSN of the Attack. 

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