Monday, January 12, 2015

Week 15 - January 12 - Evry

Week 9 in France

Week 9,

Monday: Today for p-day we didn't do anything too cool just relaxed, did some emailing and then had family home evening and a ton of people showed up, it was awesome. 

Tuesday: Today I had an exchange with the district leader Elder Amaya. We went to a place called Chatelet and there was absolutely no one there. We knocked on a ton of doors and a nice lady let us in and we talked for a couple minutes with her but she wasn't interested and told us not to come back. We found some super mean giant geese and I ran up and scared them. As I was walking away they started chasing Elder Amaya and I. Funniest thing of my life. Amaya was mad at me for scaring them. After that we went to Allain's house and watched finding faith in Christ and they loved it. Also today Elder Ireland gave me the phone so now I have to do all the phone duties.. I can't ever understand anyone face to face let alone on the phone, but it has definitely helped me with my french a ton.

Wednesday: Today we had district meeting and met this super homosexual guy on the street of Evry and told us he would love for us to come over! He never said he was actually gay but I know one when I see one. I have been to L.A. Ireland doesn't think he is gay so we are going over there next week. So that will be interesting. After that we went to the train station in Corbeille to pick up this guy from Africa and he didn't show up.. Classic African. I'm not racist, it has just happened way too many times for me to count, ha.

Thursday: Today we went to this old lady members house and talked to her for hours. She has been alone for a long time now and knows a ton about the scriptures. She calls us every week to come over. She loves elder Ireland. After that we contacted for 6 hours straight and we found a guy named Edner. He is from Africa and loves Jesus. 

Friday: Today we met with Jean-Louis and read the book of Mormon with him because he never does it on his own. We talked to the bishop about him being baptised without the spouses permission and he said they can't do it without the approval.. Jean Louis was super depressed but we just kept telling him to keep asking her until she says yes. Hopefully he will be able to be baptised soon. We are just going to keep building his testimony and keep trying to talk to his wife.

Saturday: Today we contacted In Grigny and it was super Muslim infested. We were death threatened a few times, cussed at and harassed. It was super scary. We aren't going to Grigny for a while until all of the terrorist stuff is cooled down. Every Muslim here is going nuts. Tons of protests and signs everywhere. Apparently the thing that made everyone mad is a journalist named Charlie writing bad things about the Muslims religion and how it is ruining France (which is true) and how they need to be kicked out. So some Muslims killed him and got away. They finally caught them Sunday night. After that we went to go to the only families house that let us in a few weeks ago when we caroled for them and right as we got there they were bringing in groceries, so we helped them and showed them the restoration video. It was super good. The kids loved it and the parents are super interested.
Scariest morning of my life. 

Sunday: Today was soooo sweet. We had 4 investigators at church today including the new family (Pierre) we taught Saturday. We had some super good talks at church and the kids loved it. After church we did some contacting and then went to the church to wait for this African dude Edner. He didn't show up after an hour of waiting so we left to do some door to door. I have walked so much already, my shoes are getting wrecked. I'm lovin the hard work and learning so much everyday. Missions rule!

Love, Elder Carson

The Evry Elder's outside of this famous building in Evry France.

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