Friday, January 9, 2015

Update on Terrorist Attack in Paris

Here is a letter the Mission President wrote today on Facebook!

Dear all,

We understand how stressful it may be for all of you to hear what happened during those few days in Paris not being able to be in contact with your Missionary. 

All the missionaries are well tonight and have received the recommendation to stay in their appartment to avoid any risk this evening. 

As you know the terrorists have been killed by the police but we will stay very prudent during the next few days. 

Warmest regards

President F.Babin

I wanted to also share a post that was on our Missionary Families facebook page. I think these types of posts are great for Jaxon to hear about when he returns home. Stories he will be able to share with his Children.

 Sister Maryanne Vandenbergh Posted this on Facebook. I love to hear how the lord has his hands in everything, especially our Missionaries!
Here is a story of inspiration and proof (from this Paris tragedy) that The Lord watches over his servants:
I just got off the phone with my good friend and neighbor. Her parents are serving in the France Paris mission. Their apartment is only a HALF of a block away from where the shootings took place on Wednesday at the Charlie Hebdo office. Her parents were just leaving their apartment and they normally turn right (which is where Charlie Hebdo is) to go to the metro station. As they were leaving, they saw the apartment manager and decided to stop and talk to him for a minute. As they were doing so, they heard the gun shots (that killed 12 people), followed by police sirens.
Had they not stopped to talk to the manager, they most likely would have been right by or in front of the office when the shootings were talking place. There are many more details to the story but that is the short version. Such a miracle. God is so good and so mindful of our missionaries.

Sister Ponanski responded with this:

Oh yes we found this apartment for elder and sister Maynard when they arrived. It is really close where the shooting took place and I was wondering where they were when this tragedy happened. So happy to hear this great story. Don't worry I know that our missionaries are protected. 

Sister Maryanne Vandenbergh responded to Sister Ponanski: 

YES! It was Brother and Sister Maynard!! Their daughter lives two houses down from me and she was also my daughter's Young Women's president here in our ward. (My daughter, Haylie, who is serving in Mulhouse.) The story is even more miraculous than how I explained it--it also involves Sister Maynard deciding, at the last minute, to go make an appointment to get her hair cut--a decision that ALSO kept them away from the horrible scene. I was shocked when Kristie, their daughter, was telling me all this! I had no idea they lived so close to where all this happened. They were truly blessed.

There was also a post from a French member who posted this. She compared it to our September 11th attack for the people of France. (I'm not sure anything can compare to that, but maybe for the French it did)...  What a sweet little lady.. Our prayers are going out to all of them.

Suspects are dead but four hostages are dead too and too many people, they where young police officers, a young father and a very young women all the country is choquing (sorry if not the good word) but now we know it is finsih dont worry ! be quiet ! it was our 11 september for a lot of us ! we are choking but alive ! just 111 police officer dead, too much ! and all of the Charlie equip... your french Sister sorry for my bad englih



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  1. Thanks for sharing my comment/story, Jill! It really was a miraculous thing that happened with the Maynards. I wish their daughter could have told the story on the Facebook page as I left out a lot of details. There is no doubt there has been a lot of Divine intervention this past week regarding these missionaries!
    And I'm sorry to read about Jaxon's experience in Grigny. How scary for him. I'm so glad he was able to get out of those situations without getting hurt.