Monday, January 19, 2015

Week 16 - January 19 - Evry

Week 10 in France


Haha just kiddin I'm fine here in Evry, there isn't that big of a problem with Muslims in Evry. Just a lot of black people so don't worry.

Monday: P-day!! Today we got some groceries and shopped at the mall because its soldes right now. Almost everything is 50 percent off or more, so I found some super cool cheap stuff.  After that we went to family home evening at the church and not many people from the ward showed up. 

Tuesday: Today was legality so we headed to Verseille where it was and I got to hang out with my favorite companion from the MTC. It was pretty fun though. We got fed a really good lunch and got a training from president Babin. He is the man. Super inspiring. 

Wednesday: Today we did service at a members house and painted the inside of her house and ate a super good dinner. After that we went to ward council and they chewed us out for not having enough investigators show up to church on Sunday's. They also told us we need to work with members more and said that they will try to get the ward to get us people to teach. After the meeting we asked a member (whose house we were going to eat at the next day) if we could bring one of our investigators to the dinner appointment and he said "no". Haha we tried!! But we really do need more investigators, its killin' me.

Thursday: Today we taught Jean Louis and just read the Book of Mormon with him and helped him understand what he read. After that we did a butt load of contacting and porting and found no one. After that we went to a members house to eat and we had these things called raclettes, they are super good. Its mashed potatoes, Some weird cheese, and duck meat. Definitely buying a raclette maker next week.

Friday:Today we went to Corbeille to go street contacting and there was way too many crazy muslims there so we're probably not going back there for a while either haha. So basically now there are only 3 towns we can go to in our sector that isn't completely full of Muslim's. After that we did weekly planning and then met up with our new member Allain. We taught him about the priesthood. It was a pretty good lesson.

Saturday: Today we went to another members house to do service and it was pretty fun. We painted a part of his apartment and watched "The Testaments". After that we contacted some more and found a pretty solid homie from Africa that wanted to learn more about us.

Sunday: Today at church we had 1 investigator, Jean-Louis. But church is really nice now because I can participate and understand more things now. After church we went contacting and porting for the rest of the night, it was pretty bad. 

We taught a total of 2 people this whole week. It is pretty frustrating but we are trying some new stuff next week to see if we can get some success. I have come to really appreciate the times that we do get to teach and the baptism we had. 
I love you guys!
Aimez Toi, Elder Carson


 First snow in Evry!

 The Library where they Email.

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