Monday, January 26, 2015

Week 17 - January 26 - Evry

Week 11 in France

This week was a pretty good one!!

Monday: Today I bought a racklette maker and had it that night and we love it. Its probably the best food I have ever had. Every Monday now we do racklette night. After some racklette's we went over to the church for family home evening and it was a pretty good turn out. 

Tuesday: Today we had district meeting and then went over to a members house to do some more painting. We did that like pretty much all day and then did some door to door in Etoile to finish off the night. Etoile was super cool but I forgot my flippin' camera!

Wednesday: Today we taught Alain about the plan of salvation and then had a dinner appointment with a family in the ward from Madagascar and they were super nice. After that we did some contacting in the park and taught a white guy and he seemed interested but later we found out he gave us a fake number.(That was the first white guy I taught on my mission so far) Dad I know you know how it is.. haha 

Thursday: Today I had an exchange with one of the zone leaders, Elder Tryon from Texas and he was pretty cool. We taught first a dude named Frank that Elder Ireland and I found and we watched the restoration video with him and he loved it. After that we taught Alain again and finished teaching the plan of salvation with him. Then to finish off the day we taught a WHITE Muslim named Hamza and we watched the restoration video with him also and gave him a book of Mormon and told us he was interested.
Pretty sweet day. 3 lessons and 3 new investigators.

Friday: Today we headed back to Chatelet an hour away to meet back up with my comp and Elder Tryon's comp to finish the exchange and then got back and taught a lady named Elise on the street and we are meeting up with her again next week. After that we taught Jean-Louis and watched the Testament's with him and he loved it. After we watched the video Jean-Louis gave me his hat and brought us a super good cake. 

Saturday: Today we had five appointments and they all frooged us, so we had to go porting and contacting all day. Pretty sucky. But on our way there we talked to a inactive member and told him that we miss him and wanted him to come to church this Sunday, and he did! 

Sunday: Today at church we had 3 investigators show up. Jean Louis and our new guys Frank, and Simon. Simon brought his friend and he loved our church. We got his number and we are teaching him this next week. Pretty sweet.
After that we headed to a members house to help move her bed from her old apartment to her new one. After that we went contacting and found a catholic pastor that wants to come to our church next Sunday, so that will be interesting.

Love all you guys!
Missions rule!

love, Jackylegs

 Racklette Night!!

The Evry District!

 ​Jean-Louis at family home evening

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