Monday, March 2, 2015

Week 22 - March 2 - Evry

La vie du Missionnaire

 (The life of a Missionary)

Monday: P-DAY! Today we headed out the heart of Paris to check out the cool places and we saw that famous bridge with all the locks on it, then over to the Arch De Triumph, and then went to see a mansion/castle, it was nuts. After that we headed back and went to FHE and the teacher taught about the Abrahamic covenant to our investigators. They were pretty confused.. We finally talked to our bishop to tell him that he can't teach that to them, so we will see how it goes.

Tuesday: Today we went to district meeting and then headed over to our homosexual investigators house Charlie. I have been the most stressed I have ever been in my life teaching this guy. haha.  After that we went knocking on doors the rest of the night in a super nice, super rich neighborhood and didn't get let in. classic.. ha 

Wednesday: Today I went on an exchange with our district leader in Melun and it was boss. We taught 5 lessons and found 2 new investigators. Best day I have had on my mission stats wise. After we taught those lessons we headed over to their ward council. Super solid exchange.

Thursday: Today we headed first over to a lonely old Lady's house in the ward and we were there for an hour listening to her talk about her life. She loves us. After that we did some contacting and then went over to a members house to eat. I told the mom that my sister was on dancing with the stars and she freaked out. She was looking up videos of her on youtube the rest of the night while we were there. People know you in Evry, France Wit! 

Friday: Today we taught Charlie and then headed over to the house of our super solid recent convert Alan and taught him and his wife about the temple. It was the best lesson I have ever given and it felt so good to be able to give a lesson so smooth like that one. After that we went to teach Jean Louis at the church. We just studied the Book of Mormon with him and talked a little bit about baptisms for the dead.
Saturday: Today we started off by weekly planning. Then after that we went to stake conference for the adults. Elder Kearon from the first seventy talked to our stake and it was super good. After that we headed over to a members house and ate some super good fish. 

Sunday: Today we went to the stake conference for everyone in a place called Noreville and Elder Kearon talked to us again. After the conference we taught our new investigator named Hubert and watched the Restoration video with him. It went super well. After that we headed over to a place called the Coudray Montceux to visit a less active member and that went super well also. He said he hasn't been coming to church because his work and because he doesn't have any friends in the ward but we told him that we would just chill with him the whole time at church and he said he would come, so I hope he does!

Missions rule!!

love, Elder Carson

Famous bridge in Paris with all the locks!

Arch De Triumph

 Famous Castle/Mansion in Paris!

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