Monday, March 9, 2015

Week 23 - March 9 - Evry

Evry Life!!

Monday: Today we played some basketball in the park and then had some Raclettes for dinner. After that we headed down to the church for family home evening and had a super good lesson from one of the members.

Tuesday: Today we had district meeting and then headed over to a super cool town called Boignville and we found an old lady that wanted us to come back to her house. After that we went over to a place called villabé to do some door to door and no one let us in.

Wednesday: Today we taught our solid recent convert Alan and his wife Judith about temples and they loved it. After that we went contacting the rest of the day.

Thursday: Today we taught Charlie and asked him all the baptismal questions and he did really well. The only thing he didn't know is that our prophet is Thomas Monson, and that is because we haven't taught him about that yet so it went really well. After that we met up with this new brotha we found named Owl. he took us up to his ten foot wide ten foot long appartment, and when we got in there he had porn all over the walls, whisky on the counter, and two packs of cigarettes on the coffee table. We taught him how the gospel blesses our lives and the Book of Mormon. After that we taught a guy named Hubert and set a baptismal date for the 18th of April. It went super well.

Friday: Today we did weekly planning and then headed to the church to wait for our new friend Owl but he never showed up. After that we studied the Book of Mormon with Jean-Louis and watched some videos on After that we street contacted the rest of the night.

Saturday: Today we went contacting in the park and then went contacting in Corbeille Essonnes. After that we went to a meeting with our ward mission leader and then headed back out to Villabé to go door to door the rest of the night.

Sunday: Today we went to church and saw that our investigator Charlie has been making a ton of friends in the ward and participates in classes, its so sweet. I am pretty confident that he will go through with the baptism on the 28th. After that we went contacting in Etoilles, then back to the church to teach Hubert about 3rd nephi. And to end the night we did some more door to door in Villabé.
missions rule!!

Love you all and miss you!

Love, Elder Carson

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