Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 25 - March 23 - Evry


Monday: P-day! Today we played risk with the apartment and then played some basketball in the park. After that we headed over the the church for family home evening and had a bomb lesson taught by one of the members about the second coming. 

Tuesday: Today we went over to a new area that we have never tried before called Val de sein and there was absolutely no one there.. It was a huge waste of time. After that we went to a young couple members house to have dinner and it was pretty awkward because they were both super shy.

Wednesday: Today we went contacting in corbeille for 5 hours and not one person stopped to listen to us. I don't know what was up with all of the African's there. They usually love to talk to us. After that we went back to the church and taught Jean-Louis about missionary work and he is super pumped to give us some referrals!

Thursday: Today we went less active finding for this guy that lived super far away. Once we finally found it after 2 train rides and a bus and we get to the door and he opens it and says "Not the Mormon's again!" and slams his door.. So that sucked. But after that we taught Charlie and he is super ready to be baptised. We went over to the church and he tried on some of the baptismal clothes and says that he has no questions or concerns at all, so we are both super pumped.

Friday: Today we went contacting in a place called Essones Robinson and this black dude from Portugal came up to us and said that he has seen us a lot in his country and really likes the Mormons so he gave us his number and we told him that there are a lot of portugese members in the ward and he was super pumped to talk to them. He is so golden. After that we talked with Jean louis and he said that he told his buddies about the Mormons and our beliefs and they want to be baptised! haha so we will see what happens. We are supposed to meet with them next week and told Jean louis that he could teach with us and he is super pumped.

Saturday: Today we had an appointment with this guy we met a couple of weeks ago by the park and it didn't go well. We taught him the restoration and then I asked him to be baptised and he said "No. I'm Catholic and I am stayin' that way til the day I die". And then we told him that he wasn't baptised with the authority of god and he got super mad. I then told him to pray and ask if it was the restored authority of god and he refused. Then I asked him if God came down and told you face to face that this is the true church then what would you say? And he still said "I'm stayin' Catholic".

Sunday: Today we went to church and they announced Charlie's baptism in sacrament and priesthood and all the members came up to him after church telling him how excited they were for him. He was so happy to almost be a member.
After that we taught Hubert about faith and then watched finding faith in Christ and he liked it a lot.
Favorite Scripture: Doctrine and Covenants 88:41-47
this is my favorite scripture because it explains why I have always believed in God and why I always will believe in God.

I can't believe the people I meet every day here telling me that they do not believe in God.
The earth is too perfect, too beautiful to be something else.

Missions rule!
love, Elder Carson

 Goin on splits with Elder Jacobson!

 ​Elder Blackham and I in front of the huge cathedral in Evry.

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