Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 24 - March 16 - Evry

Sulut mes fréres et soeurs 

(Sulut my brothers and sisters)

This week I am gonna have to make it short because we are going to play some basketball today!

Monday: Today at FHE we had our new investigator come and he loved it.

Tuesday: Went to the last district meeting of the transfer and then went less active finding and we found this less active Arab dude that said he wasn't coming to church because someone offended him at church, but we ended up convincing him to come to church the next Sunday and we got an appointment set up with him and the Bishop on Sunday, so hopefully that works out.

Wednesday: Today we taught Charlie about the baptism, and he is super excited to be baptised on the 28th of March! He has been reading the BOM and is really progressing well.

Thursday: Today while going door to door, we were blessed to be able to teach this guy in Villabé and he wanted us to come back. Super solid guy.

Friday: Today we went and did service for this less active family and then taught Jean Louis about the last days. We told him that these were the last days and the end is close and he freaked out. Every time I see him now he tells me "It's the end of the world eh?". Jean Louis is my favorite person here in France right now. he calls us every day to see how we are doing and always buys us food. Such a homie. Its gonna be sad to leave him and go to another city next transfer!

Saturday: Today we got to see who was leaving to a different city and ends up we are going to have the same apartment and same comps! After that we taught our investigator Hubert and it went super well until the end when I asked him to come to church tomorrow but he refused. I kept telling him how important it was and he ended up just saying maybe. 

Sunday: Church turned out really well. We had 3 investigators show up (not including Hubert) and there were some really good lessons in the meetings for our investigators.

The church is true and I have no doubt in my mind that it is TRUE. I have studied the word of God, prayed and fasted so much to know it is true.
Gaining the knowledge of the scriptures has changed my life and its all because of the mission.
Study the word, pray, and he will respond. 

love, Jax


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