Monday, December 8, 2014

Week 10 - December 8 - Evry

Fourth Week in France

Fourth Week,

Monday: We got up, did our studies, and got some groceries. After that we just walked around the mall looking for some cool french stuff, but I didn't find anything cool enough to get. Then we went to the church to have family home evening with our investigators and some member's and then ended the day with going Christmas caroling in a super rich neighborhood and no one would even listen to us, but still pretty fun. I still can't believe the people here man.

Tuesday: We had district meeting, then we went to our investigator's house to prepare him for his baptism this coming Saturday, then we went Christmas caroling again. We met one nice old lady that whole night and she let us share a spiritual thought about Christmas, but she wasn't interested for us to come back. No one like's Christmas caroling here. If we were in the state's we would have got into every door! The people here don't even let us finish a verse before cussing at us.. ha 

Wednesday: Today we worked on the baptismal program for our investigator Allain, and it turned out pretty good! After that we went to ward council and ended the day with contacting some brotha's in Corbeille and we got two potentials. One little family and a guy that loves Jesus. So classic.

Thursday: Today was exchange's so I had to go to Melan again with Elder Congerton. We taught one of his investigator's that was getting baptised the following week, and he spoke English so it was super nice. After that I went back to Evry and we did some more Christmas caroling, no luck again, but we are still hopefull it will work with someone here.

Friday: In the morning we did a lot of contacting on the bus and got a few potential's. In the afternoon, we went to our appointment with our most solid investigator, Jean Louis. We talked about temple's and Eternal marriage, but it was hard for him because his wife is Evangilist and doesn't like Mormon's. We have never been to his house for an appointment because his wife doesn't want us over, but we are just going to surprise them by just showing up at their door next week and see if we could teach her. Should be interesting.

Saturday: Today we had to wake up and be at the church by 7:00 so we could have the baptismal font filled by the baptismal service at 11:00. We had a bunch of free time, so we cleaned the whole church. The baptism was so cool and Allain was so happy, it was awesome. Pretty funny though, he is scared of going under water so the member that was baptising him had to push him as hard as he could in the water and the look on Allain's face was pure terror. We ended up having to try it 6 times, but he finally went all the way in. After that we went Christmas caroling for hours in Evry, but no luck again.

Sunday: We started off the day with a DMP meeting, then went to church and I am starting to understand a lot more in sacrament and classes. After church we stayed for the ward Christmas party, the Missionaries of the ward had to sing "Holy Night" in front of everyone with Santa hats on in the middle of the party. The french deserts that people brought were amazing. After that we went Christmas caroling and got a few potentials, it was great. I have never walked and sang so long in my life! It all payed of with those few potential's though.

This week was pretty good besides the fact that one of our investigator's Samuel, randomly called us and said he is moving to Italy. haha

Love you guys and miss you so much, today we are going into Paris to see the Eiffel Tower, so I won't be able to email anyone! 

Love, Elder Carson

 Baptism for Allain

 Christmas caroling/contacting in Corbeille
 A little blurry, sorry!

This is what they do when one of the Missionaries are going home! A Funeral. haha

Jaxon's first transfer picture! His District.

 ​Fountains of Evry

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