Monday, December 15, 2014

week 11 - December 15 - Evry

Week 5 in France

WEEK 5!  

Monday: Today was p-day and because Elder Davis was leaving home on Tuesday we went to Paris so he could see the Eiffel tower one last time. It is like one of the craziest things I have ever seen. All the buildings and all the shops and statues were super cool. After the Eiffel tower we went to the nicest Mcdonalds I have ever seen and it tasted the same as American Mccdonalds. Pretty big let down.. After that we just shopped around Paris and didn't buy anything because everything was so expensive. After that we went back to Evry to have family home evening with our investigator's and no one showed up. One of our new investigators Frank told us that he couldn't make it because he moved back to Africa! haha unbelievable..

Tuesday: Today we did just a lot of contacting and porting... We got three new potential's. In the afternoon we had an appointment with Allain, (our investigator that got baptised last Saturday) and we taught him more in depth about the priesthood because he was going to get the priesthood the next Sunday and he loved it. After that we went back to the apartment to meet the new Elder replacing Elder Davis. His name is Elder Jacobson and he is pretty cool.

Wednesday: Today we did service for an old less active couple, and it was awesome. They are re-doing their whole house with new paint so we scraped off all the old wall paper, plastered the walls and painted almost all of it. We have to go back next week to finish it. It was awesome because we got to know them super well and teach them about the birth of Christ. The wife was crying almost the whole time we were teaching them. I love doing service like that and see the love they feel from us. One of the best experience's I have had on my mish.

Thursday: Today we met with Allain to talk about the priesthood again. He was so worried about getting the priesthood. He felt like he "wasn't ready to receive such power" haha it was awesome, he feels so honored to be a part of this church and have the priesthood. After Allain, we headed down to the park to meet a guy named Michelle. We met him on the bus and he loves the bible. He carries it around with him everywhere and knows it really well. He doesn't believe in talking about spiritual things in church building's because he took a scripture out of the bible way out of context. We taught him about the restoration and he is pretty interested. He told us he is super worried about being saved and joining the right church, so he is pretty skeptical. He just needs to pray about the book!

Friday: Today we met with our other potential and he just wanted to bible bash with us and wouldn't listen to a word we said. We gave him a book of Mormon and told him to read it but he said he wouldn't and gave it back. He said he wanted to meet with us again so maybe the next one will be better! After that we had weekly and transfer planning and then went Christmas caroling.

Saturday: Today we deep cleaned the church with all the member's and not very many members showed up so it took about four hours. After that we went contacting the rest of the day and found some potential's! We still haven't found 1 white guy that want's to hear the gospel!

Sunday: We went to church, and then we met with a guy from Jehovah's Witnesses named Papi that we have met with before, but didn't get anywhere because he didn't listen to us at all but we gave him a book of Mormon and told him to read and he lied to us and told us he read the whole book and didn't receive any revelation but he couldn't even find the book when we asked him where it was, and he couldn't tell us what is was about. Then Elder Ireland and him just bible bashed the whole rest of the meeting and we got no where with it. All of his argument's against our church were all the same as everybody else's. They take thing's out of the bible way out of context and never except anything else. It is pretty sad.

It's gettin' colder and colder here in Evry and I'm starting to understand what people say a little more each week! I am loving every second of my mission and I am so glad I chose to serve!

Love you guys and miss you so much! 

Love, Elder Carson

Pictures of Jaxon at the Eiffel Tower!  

A Paris street at Christmas time.

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