Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Week 9 - December 1 - Evry

Third Week in France


Monday: P-DAY whoop! Monday was super chill we went to the mall got some sweet french stuff and headed back to the apartment and just relaxed! 

Tuesday: We went contacting all day and found one new investigator named Bruzza, he was pretty chill, and we were super pumped because we haven't found a new investigator in a while! After that we had district meeting and ate some good food there. After that we went door to door and no one let us in. CLASSIC!

Wednesday: Exchange day today! But this time it was better because I went with Elder Amaya, the district leader and he is super chill. We did some contacting and found a new investigator. He is a huge fifteen year old named Tiny. We gave him a tour of the church and he is coming to church this Sunday.

Thursday: Exchange is over and I'm back with Elder Ireland! Today for our Thanksgiving dinner, since none of the members invited us over, we had all you can eat sushi with the other two Elders in our room and it was pretty good! After that we just did some more contacting and door to door and we found a potential while contacting, but no one let us in while going door to door.

Friday: Today a guy from Jehovas witnesses called us over and we basically just bible bashed the whole time. Elder Ireland knows the bible so well, he proved everything he said was wrong and where to find what in the Book of Mormon, it was pretty sweet. after that we taught him the restoration and still just wanted to bible bash with us so we just left. We were there for about two hours. After that we did weekly planning then went to find some brotha's on the bus again and found a potential. We are meeting with him next week. 

Saturday: Today we went to the ward talent show, then we had DMP meeting. after that we started a new door to door method that the whole mission is doing which is Christmas caroling at everyone's door, then asking to share a message of Christ. Everyone loved the singing but didn't let us in. Still a good time though.

Sunday: We woke up and went to church and I got me sweet leather cases for my french scriptures from the library. After church we went to a members house and ate FOREVER and had family night with them, it was a good time and we got the trust of some more members and had some super good french food, but we were still there for way too long.. We were there from 1:00 to 8:00.
It is getting super cold here! I just got some good beenie's and gloves today. I am almost done with reading the Book of Mormon for the third time here and my testimony and faith is growing stronger and stronger everyday. 

Love you all! Miss all of you!!

love, Elder Carson

This is what he said in my personal email about Witney winning the Mirrorball!

That is so nut's witney won! I have been telling all of my investigators and all of the people that invite us over to eat and they don't know the show.... haha but my roommate's can't believe that she is my sister! We ate sushi for Thanksgiving dinner, it wasn't bad. We get very few people in our ward to invite us over for dinner... It's like every two weeks we get a mangervous they call it.. But I was pretty stoked to have some sushi! I got all the packages, I will send you some pics of them as well!! I found out we can have any music as long as its uplifting and wholesome, so can you send me some sweet Christmas albums in a flash drive or a disc? And also all the soundtrack of Prince of Egypt and Joseph King of Dreams soundtrack? Also can you send me this book called "Scriptural teachings of Joseph Smith"? I want that book so bad. Its so weird, I am always reading now, I actually enjoy it!! ha! Love you so much and miss you!
love Jax

 The train we take everywhere

 Our most solid investigator Jean Louis!

                 Elder Amaya our district leader

 Put up our Christmas Tree! Thanks Mom!

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