Monday, December 29, 2014

Week 13 - December 29 - Evry

Week 7 in France!

Week 7!

Monday: P-day! Today Elder Empey and I stayed in Evry while our comps went to Paris. Empey and I just went to the mall in Evry and got a super fancy haircut, it was pretty hard to tell the guy doing my hair exactly how I wanted it but it turned out pretty good! We also went to the store and bought the board game Risk, It gets super heated when we play it so we decided to cut it down to only playing once a week.

Tuesday: Today was district meeting and we all just bore our testimonies, it was pretty good.  After that we printed off the baptism pictures for Allain (our recent convert) and went to his house, taught him and his wife, and gave them the pictures from the baptism and they loved it. After that we had 3 appointments set up and every one of them didn't show up so we did the good ol' contacting the rest of the night.

Wednesday: Today we went contacting on the train and got 3 new potentials and then headed to a members house for christmas eve and we went to some inactive member houses and sang for them. After that we went back to their house and had a good dinner. Oysters, bread, smelly cheese, and something that tasted like and looked like strait up cat food called foie gras. Apparently it's made out of bird livers.

Thursday: Today for christmas we slept in til about 9:30, then we headed over to the nicest, richest family ever. The wife was so funny, she reminded me so much of shannon. She gave us such a good lunch. Snails, crab, oysters, and some shrimp looking things. The french just eat the giant shrimp with the shells and all.. After that she let us watch Ice age 2 and made us a ton of treats while we were watching. After that we played some basketball for a while and then headed over to skype the fam! The lady that let us skype was super nice, but her husband didn't want us over there. It was pretty awkward for a while after the skype because I had to talk to the husband while she was making dinner, and he wasn't a very nice guy ha.
Super solid Christmas.

Friday: Today we had weekly planning and set up a ton of appointments and all of them except one guy Gislain made an excuse last minute or just didn't show up. We headed over to Gislains about a half hour away and got to the door and my comp turns to me and says he sharted his pants! The only guy we find that was super pumped to hear the gospel and my comp had to go and shart his pants! One of the funniest things of my entire life. After that we went Christmas caroling and everyone was so annoyed because it was the day after Christmas but one family we sang for let us in for the first time in 3 weeks! They gave us some drinks and we just talked for 30 minutes and we taught them about the Book of Mormon, invited them to go to church and they said yes. All the caroling we did finally payed off.

Saturday: Today we couldn't get anyone to teach so we went contacting forever and found some more potentials, but nothing too exciting.

Sunday: Sunday we went to church and not one of our investigators came to church. It was probably because it was so cold. But it was super solid, I am starting to understand a lot more french in the meetings. After that we set up some more appointments with potentials and they all made excuses. It's pretty frustrating because it happens way too much.

Thank you everyone for all the emails and all the support! Love all you guys!

Love, Elder Carson

Watching Ice Age 2 for Christmas in English


Playing basketball... Jaxon's favorite thing to do.

They ate dinner at this cute ladies house and it was all raw shrimp and shellfish. They are supposed to eat even the shell.

Jaxon eating snails!! He actually loves sea food so it was easy for him. He said they aren't that good raw.

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