Sunday, December 28, 2014

Week 12 - CHRISTMAS DAY - Evry


We got to Skype our Missionary today!
Here is a little snip-it of his call. We asked him to say something in french.


We had to take a Selfie with our Missionary! (Some of his cousins and siblings)

I made a life size Missionary Jaxon for our house. This was my Christmas Present along with his call. We love seeing his cute face standing near by.  Sometimes he freaks us out in the dark. haha. I gotta say it's awesome to have him around the house, even if it is just cardboard!

 I also made a Flat Elder like the "Flat Stanley" Elementary Craft. We call him "Flat Jax".  He goes everywhere with us. We saw the Christmas lights with him, he goes to our family parties and even goes to the movies with us. haha. It has been a BLAST! If you want a Flat Elder or a Flat anyone, my friend can make it for you. Just email me at for details.

Everyone wanted a picture with Flat Jax.

 Flat Jax made it to Grandma Hansen's 90th Birthday Party

He even got to sit on Santa's lap!

At the Movies with the Family on Christmas Day!

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