Saturday, November 15, 2014

Still week 6 - November 16 - Evry

 The Elder's in Jaxon's new Apartment

The things you find on other Blogs!! I love it.

I found out who the Elder's are in Jaxon's new apartment in Evry. Elder Empey has a blogspot and I found out a few things about them.  The 4 Elder's in his Apartment are Elder Ireland, Elder Carson (Jaxon), Elder Davis and Elder Empey.  I am thinking Jaxon will love his roomies. They totally seem to have the same interests as Jaxon. Joke-sters haha.  This is what Elder Empey said in his last email home on Monday.........

Wednesday will be the day when people get transferred around but ill be staying here in Evry with Elder Davis for at least another 4 weeks for sure and then I might be moved to a different city but ill probably stay another 8 weeks after that. There was only one change made in the apartment, Elder Roth is leaving to a different city and Elder Ireland will be training a "blue" here in Evry! I'm so stoked to have a missionary in the apartment that's newer than me! Makes me feel old and experienced in the mish ;) we don't know who he is yet but we have a whole bunch of pranks planned for when he shows up in 2 days haha. 

Elder Empey made a video of his apartment. I am so happy I found his Blog. I never imagined it being so tiny. Jaxon loves ping pong and I saw a little ping pong set on their dinner table. Here is the youtube link to tour their apartment. (Thank you Elder Empey)

 This is Elder Davis and Elder Empey


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