Friday, November 28, 2014

Week 8 - November 24 - Evry

Second Week in France!!

This week was a pretty good one!
Monday: p-day!! Super chill day, just got up did our studies, cleaned up the apartment, and went shopping for most of the day. I got a sweet french coat and some pants. After that we emailed and then we had family home evening with the investigators and taught the ten commandments.
Tuesday: We went contacting this day for so long. We talked to probably a million people and didn't have one interested person. Then at night we went door to door and we didn't even come close to getting into anyone's house. Rough day!
Wednesday and Thursday: These two day's I figured out how inconvenient exchanges are. For this exchange I had to pack my bags and go to a city called Melun about an hour away from Evry with this New Zealand kid that did not like me for some reason. We got to the apartment, ate some food and then left to go contacting. After contacting we talked to a black lady that hasn't been coming to church and was just recently baptised. We taught her the word of wisdom and she doesn't want to give up her coffee that she has every morning. After that I had to sit through a 2 hour DMP meeting and talk about the needs of the investigators that are for the missionaries in Melun. After that we went back to the apartment and had to wait for missionaries staying the night with us to go and hear Elder Cook from the quorum of the 12 that following morning because they didn't know where the apartment was. At midnight they called us to pick them up from the train station, so we picked them up, got to the apartment, had dinner, and ended up going to bed at 1:00 in the morning! The next day we woke up at 4:30 a.m. so we could make it on time for the conference in Versaille about 2 hours away. It was probably the worst time to do exchanges because I had to carry around my suitcase through 3 huge train stations to Versaille and back to Evry. But the conference with elder Cook was nuts. We all got to shake his hand and hear a super good talk from both him and his wife!

Friday: We went contacting for hours, then went on the busses and talked to some sweet black guys that were die hard catholic's. All we have to do when we are talking to the brotha's here is ask them if they want to talk about Jesus with us and they always are so pumped to talk to us and super nice. We had huge success buy doing this so we just ended up doing it the rest of the day! love the brotha's here.
Saturday: We did the same thing as Friday, just contacting on the busses and the streets! Pretty sweet day.
Sunday: This Sunday I didn't have any idea what was going on again but I sat next to one of our investigators Jean Louis and got to know him a little bit more, so that was good. After church we gave a blessing of comfort to this little asian lady and she was super nice. After that we went to a member's house to eat and were there for legit 5 hours! not a joke either.. the food was the best food I have ever had, but there was like ten courses and we just talked with them forever! After that we went contacting and as we were walking through this park, a guy yelled at us and said to come over to him and talk to him, we got over there and it smelt like he has been drinking a ton, but he basically told us why he is a muslim and that he has proof that his church is the only true church because he had numbers on his hands or something like that.. I didn't understand it at all. But after we told him why we believed in our church and bore our testimonies, he ended up taking a Book of Mormon! Crazy what a simple testimony can do!
love all you guys and miss you tons!!!!
love, Elder Carson

I don't know about any other missionary mom's but I have to email Jaxon 1 question per email so he will answer that question. haha. So this is one of the questions I asked this week and his reply! I love that he loves his companion. What a blessing.

Jax, hopefully this week is better for ya! You already knew it would be a tough mission. How long does elder Ireland have before he goes home?

His reply:   Its so sweet here but hard! and he leaves in like 5 months!! he knows everything there is to know about being a good missionary, I got so lucky!

(No pictures this week) boo! 

Jaxon's sister Witney won the MIRRORBALL for Dancing with the Star's and I wanted Jaxon to find out as soon as possible. So I sent an email to Sister Ponanski (they are HUGE Dancing with the Stars fans) and asked her to send a letter so he could get it quick and not have to wait until Monday to hear if she won.  She was so sweet and texted him for me.  She said he was so HAPPY for her and wanted us to send a video of her winning so he could see it.  Loved that we were able to get him the news so fast. 

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