Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Week 6 - November 11 - Paris

 He has ARRIVED!!

He made it to the Mission Home. YAY! Here is the letter from the Mission President and some Pictures of him. His new Companion is Elder Ireland who I have pictures of below. He is serving in Evry for his first area.

To the Family of Elder Carson
Sister Babin and I were delighted to welcome your son , Elder Jaxon Bryan Carson , into the France Paris Mission on 11 Nov 2014. He and his MTC companions were enthusiastic and all arrived in good health.  He spent his first day eating some good food, visiting with me, contacting non-members in the heart of Paris, and sharing testimonies.  We enjoyed his spirit.
The next morning, after a mission orientation, Elder Carson left for his first assignment to work in the Evry2 4 Area with Elder Ireland, who will be his trainer.  

We feel very privileged to work with your  son .  We also realize the responsibility we share with you to help him continue to grow spiritually as he faithfully performs his duties.  May the Lord inspire us all to sustain him in this challenging and exciting assignment.  We hope you will join Sister Babin and me in praying each day for your son , his companion, investigators, and all of us serving in the France Paris Mission.

A positive, supportive letter from home every week does wonders to sustain a missionary’s morale.  Proverbs 25:25 states:  As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country. If you have any questions, or if we can assist you in any way, please contact us at our office

Frédéric Jean Babin
President, France Paris Mission

I also sent a package from a new website that the old mission president's wife, Sister Véronique Poznanski has started for those who live far away. It is amazing and not as expensive as sending something from the states. It will get to him within a few days of ordering. The website is I have a link posted to this blog.  I had a question about shipping a Thanksgiving package and asked her about Jaxon's new area and if she knew his companion very well. This is what she responded to me with:

Oh great !! he will serve in a big ward where missionary work works really well!!! There are 4 elders in Evry and 2 sisters missionaries! One of the Elders, Elder Davis, was our assistant when we left, he is such a good person and elder!!! My husband has an uncle in the Evry ward and this is also the ward  President and Sister Babin come from (they still have 2 married daughters being members of this ward). There are a lot of different nationalities in this ward (many African people). And Elder Ireland is a good good missionary. He is Canadian. We can say that he is a peacemaker. He is tall not only in size but also in spirit. I am sure he will appreciate his experience !

About his Thanksgiving package the best would be to order it at the end of the week and have you seen that you can include a letter of gratitude that I can print and add to the package (it is included in the price of this package). You can send it through And I know his address in Evry. No problem !
I love this lady! So excited she offers this for us.
This is the area in France he will be serving in. Super close to the city of Paris

Map of Évry, France 

 President and Sister Babin with Jaxon when he arrived to the Mission Home

 The whole group of new missionaries from the MTC

Jaxon being introduced to his Trainer at the mission home

Jaxon's new companion and Trainer, Elder Ireland

 Waiting to be introduced to his trainer. Everyone on the left side are all the new missionaries from the MTC.

This is the right side of the room and they are all trainers for the new missionaries. Elder Ireland is the one far right in the second row.

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