Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Week 5 - November 4 - MTC

 Last Week in the MTC!

Last Week!

Hey guys!! This week one of the Elders in my district left home, so now I am in a trio with Elder Taylor, and Elder Edmunds. 

We got our flight plans this week and it is a strait ten hour flight to Paris I can't even focus anymore here now.. I am pretty nervous but so pumped to go to France. 

My french is not too bad right now. The lessons are getting a lot easier to teach. But I still have issues trying to comprehend what the people from France in my branch say to me.. It  is going to be crazy when I get into Paris. I don't even know what to expect but I know it is going to be difficult the first few months until I get the language. 

This week was halloween but it didn't feel like it at all. Just more studying and what not.  Same old same old here at the MTC.. 

Love all you guys, and I will talk to you when I get to the airport Monday!!!!!!

Love, Jax

Some Elders and Sisters in the branch.

This is a little blurry but this is the day they said goodbye to Elder Gunn! He said he was so Brave! He is the Elder in the middle.

MISSING this Face!! So glad he is having fun with the camera. haha. He is with Elder Fletcher from our ward in American Fork. So glad they found each other in the MTC.

 I found this picture from Sister Clark's Blog. I never know if Jaxon is giving all the treats I send to everyone, so when I saw this, it made me so HAPPY!  I love the Sister's in his district. 
This is what Sister Clark said on her blog. (A disgusting picture of us eating DELICIOUS carmel apples E Carsons mom sent us <3 don't judge.. the next day was fast Sunday... getting our fill... aha

 Jaxon's district and Teacher

Jaxon's Companion's - Elder Taylor & Elder Edmunds.  Elder Edmunds is from Tallahassee Florida. Elder Taylor is from Idaho Falls, Idaho.

  Jaxon's District - all of them are going to Paris.

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  1. So fun to see my daughter in one of these photos! I can't believe they are in France already!!