Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Evry France Packages

Thanksgiving Day Package 2014

I ordered a package from the website 

The previous mission President's wife started a website to send packages to the missionaries in France. She wanted to be able to help the missionary mom's find a cheaper, easier and quicker way to get packages to France. I have ordered a few from her. It was so easy and he got them within a few days. Amazing!! Here is what the Thanksgiving Day Package looks like. I also got to send a little note that she prints out to send too. I put a family recipe in the note for Pumpkin pie and Pie crust. Hopefully he will actually make one. 


 I also ordered a toiletries package from the same website and he received it when he arrived at the mission office. I figured he would be out of some of this stuff and this would save him some time having to go buy them.


Christmas Package 2014

I wanted to do the 12 days of Christmas for him and center it around the Nativity. I found the cutest Nativity on Pinterest. I don't know who made it up to give them credit, they didn't say.  I just got Candy, toys, and his favorite treats.  Christmas Eve is the 12th day of Christmas so I gave him his Jammie's on that day. TRADITION!  The idea is to take the little paper figurine off of the package and tape it on the wall to make up the Nativity. By the 12th day of Christmas, Baby Jesus is born.

This all fit in a priority box I got from the Post Office, it looks like a lot of gifts but you can see they are simple things in the picture below.

 This is the Nativity I put on all his packages

 I just went and bought some of his favorite things and a few toys for him and his companion

Oh Christmas Tree!

I don't know if they get Christmas Tree's or not but I decided to make him one. It's a Paper Tree with little Picture Ornaments of EVERY person (sisters, brothers, mom, dad, first cousins, aunts and uncles) and glued them to cupcake papers. The cupcake paper helps it to look more festive and roundy. I bought Christmas Cupcake papers at walmart. I am sending the Picture Ornaments seperate so he can decorate his tree himself.  I also am including double sided tape for him to do that and be able to hang his paper tree on the wall. I sent a picture of the tree with a note so he would know what to do. The note said "We know you can't be home this Christmas, so we're sending everyone to France to spend the holiday with you".

This is the Tree with candy cane tape for Garland. I just used Butcher paper from a craft store. I also used green polka dot tape for the stump.

This is how the finished tree will look after he puts all the ornaments on.

These are the colors of the cupcake papers and I just cut a circle of each picture and taped them in the middle of the cupcake paper. I used double sided tape.

I just folded the paper tree till it was small and put all the ornaments in a baggie with some tape. This made it easy to send.

I made a stocking for him and his companion. I don't want him to have to carry a nice stocking around the mission for 2 years so I bought him a cheap one from Target that he and his companion can just throw away.

It's tradition in our home to Wrap EVERY single item in the stocking. Only a few small candy canes are always just thrown in there. 

Final stockings ready to ship!

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