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Week 7 - November 17 - First week in Evry

Craziest week of my life!!

Hey Fam,

This has been the craziest week of my life!

*Tuesday: Right as we got off the plane, they gave us book's of Mormon to hand out for the train ride there. We got into the train and after sitting 10 minutes in the train I started to try and talk to people and they would just stare at me and laugh, so that kind of sucked. Then I started talking to this black dude and told him about the church and gave him the book of Mormon.  I gave him the contact information for the church in Versaille but he didn't seem interested at all.  After that we went to the mission home and president Babin said a few words and then we all walked to Notre Dame and that was pretty sick. Then we walked to the top of consecration hill and got a sweet view of Paris. After that, we went to a hotel to stay the night and it was pretty shabby.

*Wednesday: Today we found out who our trainers are and where our first area is. My trainer is Elder Ireland, a huge 6 foot 6 Canadian and way cool. I don't think I could have got a better trainer. My first area in the mission is a place called Evry, 45 minutes away from Versaille. We went to the apartment and I met the two other missionaries staying there, Elder Empey and Elder Davis. They are both way cool guys. They have all been out here forever. After I met them, we went contacting and it was so bad. I have never felt so unqualified in my life. The people here legit are the saddest people in the world. They all hated us and would laugh literally the whole time I was trying to speak. Pretty sucky night.

*Thursday: Our goal was to get at least 1 person that wanted to hear what we had to say and we wouldn't stop contacting until we found one. After contacting for 4 hours strait, we finally found a nice black guy on a bike named Bruzza and he was really interested, so we set up another time to teach him more. We contacted so long that I didn't even mind it anymore. After that we went door to door and it was crazy. Every single door that we went to told us to "de gaush", I didn't spell it right but it means "get out!". It's so nuts how angry the people are here.

*Friday: we went to an investigators house that is going to be baptised in December and we taught him the importance of prayer and the scriptures. My teaching is definitely not as good as I thought it was. we went contacting the rest of the day and no luck.

*Saturday: Saturday was pretty chill, just a baptism where I met most of the members and we went contacting again but this time we went to like to most ghetto part of Paris called Gingnre, and not one person wanted to stop and talk.

*Sunday: Sunday we went to church and I had to go up in front of the ward, bear my testimony and tell a little about myself and went through three hours of church not knowing even kind of what anyone was saying. After we went to church we went to this ladies house to give her a blessing because she was sick. We got there and she wanted me to say the blessing so I gave her one and the french was bad but it was a sweet experience.
I haven't really had any good food here yet because the missionaries in my room have already tried everything and there really isn't any really good places to eat here in Evry, so we have been making a ton of crepes and eating really strong cheese with baguettes almost every meal but its pretty good. So far I love it here and I just cant wait until I can understand the french and speak it! long ways to go but I'll survive!!!
Love all you guys so much!! 
Elder Carson

So I looked at Elder Empey's email this week and it was hilarious.  I know Jaxon is having a blast with these Elder's. I really hope they can all stay together for another transfer. They only have 4 week's until the next transfer which is short because of Christmas. Elder Davis get's to go home in December so he will for sure be leaving. Here is what I found on Elder Empey's email.   (He must of got confused with American fork and Spanish Fork)

So we got a new elder in our appt, Elder Carson. He's brand new from Spanish Fork Utah, and super cool! We played a couple of pranks on him when he first got here. Elder Ireland told him he only spoke french and then when they got to Evry he took him to our appt saying it was a referral. Elder Davis pretended to be french an I told him that I just moved here from America and don't speak any french. He gave me the whole first lesson and his personal book of Mormon and said he would just come get it later haha. they left and then came back and we were back in missionary clothes and he was pretty suprised. Elder Ireland and Davis kept pretending like they only spoke french for 2 more days after that.

I saw Austin Pitcher at the temple the day before I left the MTC.

He got to see one of his friends from American Fork who is serving in Paris France also. Elder Josh Beck.

Sight seeing and contacting with some Elder's from the MTC.


 A few sweet shots of Paris. You can see the Eiffel Tower far away to the right.

Louvre Palace

Jaxon inside Notre Dame.

 The inside of Notre Dame.

Elder Edmund's, Elder Taylor and Elder Carson. Companion's at the MTC. This is the outside of Notre Dame.

Evry France
 Jaxon's companion Elder Ireland (far right) and his other roomie's Elder Davis (far left) and Elder Empey (middle).

All 4 Elder's sleep in a 1 Bedroom apartment.

Our kitchen and laundry room.

A park in Evry where we usually go contacting

A street in Evry

A cool building in Evry

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